Honestly, Why Do You Blog?

In the past few weeks I have stumbled upon a few articles that seemed to contemplate the same topic but from different angles. Fabulously Broke contemplated the question Is Blogging A Waste of Time? Her blog post led me to discover Single Mom Rich Mom blog post Is Blogging A Waste of Time (And Possibly Money)?

Both of them nailed it! A blog without a goal does not have a future nor does it make sense.

Since I was on a self-assessment path this week, I immediately started an inner exploration process.

Why do I blog? Do I have a purpose for My Broken Coin?

Blogging to me equates to writing (obviously) which in turn equates to self-expression and, most importantly, self-exploration.

I’ve been blogging on and off for about a year or so. It took me even longer to find my own writing voice. It is so true that you have to write and write a lot to, finally, sharpen your pen (my words, feel free to quote.)  Bloggers are writers who should be able to entertain, educate and tell a story in 500-800 words. Don’t fool yourself thinking that anyone can sit down and write a blog post. If you think so, try it and see for yourself.

I don’t view blogging as a money making machine. Not all bloggers are meant to make a living out of their blogs. If I make something out of My Broken Coin, I will be happy. If I don’t make anything, I won’t dwell on it because looking at blogging as a part-time business scares me. Just the word “business” puts a lot of pressure on me.

Under pressure creativity dies. Ideas disappear. Enjoyment runs out. I already have a full time job with a lot of pressure, responsibilities and challenges. There is no way I can do blogging as a “business” after a ten-twelve hour work day.

So, what does blogging mean to me?

It is a hobby. It is my creative outlet where I exercise in writing and self-exploration. Blogging as a hobby can be very enjoyable and fulfilling. It is very interactive. It is not just me talking to … myself. It is me talking to you, and striking up a conversation.

Do I have a goal for My Broken Coin?

Let’s put it this way: I have a goal for myself. I want to break my spending habits and curb my shopping addiction. My Broken Coin reflects all of that.

I am not going to obsess with blog statistics.

I have done it before, and it was not healthy neither for me nor for my blog. You will not see any posts reporting any numbers unless something unexpected happens that is worth sharing.

Until then… let’s just write and talk.

30 thoughts on “Honestly, Why Do You Blog?”

  1. Like you, blogging is a hobby. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a journal or an online blog, although fouryearstogo is now about my journey to financial freedom. I’ve always enjoyed meeting and making friends online. And I think even if no one read my posts, I’d still write them. I’m not very good at writing, but it’s a great way to write my thoughts down. And I enjoy reading past posts, to remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done and reflect on where I need to go.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Blog can provide a great timeline, this is so true. Meeting people is another great benefit that blogging provides. I think blogging in itself has more intangible benefits than people realize. Money is great, but blogging is not all about money.

  2. I seem to be answering this a lot lately. Interviews, forums …

    I blog as a hobby. Mrs. SPF and I wanted a project together that didn’t include the words “home” and “renovation”. We both have a passion for living a sustainable lifestyle but we are also keenly aware of our personal finances and long term goals – financial and sustainable.

    I used to spend hours daily playing video games. Sure, I made a few bucks, but it was hardly creative or productive. At least with blogging, we use our creative juices while opening discussion with our readers on topics many of them have never even thought about, let alone given second thought to.

    1. You blog is one of a kind. Always enjoy reading it. No more playing video games, I guess! 🙂 I bet blogging gives you much more intelectually than playing games would ever do. 🙂

  3. Influence and a continuing education. I believe that I get a lot more out of dissenting opinions than my own – by structuring my blog in a way that I have three people writing, I can get differing opinions in the form of comments and articles from the other writers.

    I think you learn more when people disagree – at least about thought processes!

    1. Education is a great point! I do find out and learn from PF blogs a lot. Difference in opinions is great. That’s where some of the greatest conversations started in the past.

  4. I started blogging as a hobby because I enjoyed it, and I wanted to chime in on a variety of topics. After I’d been doing it for a short while, however, I discovered that I could be making money at it.

    Over time it morphed from being simply a hobby to becoming a second job or income source. I’ve built it to the point where it was able to replace my wife’s day job income when she stayed home when our son was born.

    I still enjoy blogging after 4 years and the fact that I can make a second income from it is just icing on the cake. As long as you know what your goals are, and whether they include turning your blog into a business or not I think you’ll be just fine!

    1. It is great when blog can make some money, icing on a cake as you said. If it doesn’t, it is totally okay as well. I don’t really expect to make a lot out of it. If I make something that allows me to pay for the website maintenance, it will be more than I expect. 🙂 Congratulations your website!

  5. I use my blog to update our finances with Mrs. RB40. Yesterday, she sat down to edit the 4plex 3 months update and got up to speed with that investment. Sure, I update her occasionally at home too, but I think she process it better in written form.
    It’s also to keep track of my ultimate goal of early retirement.

    Like SPF, I don’t have time to play video games much anymore. 🙁

  6. I am right there with you! I started blogging (at a different one than above) 2 years ago. It started as a way for me to be accountable about something, and turned into me becoming part of a wonderful online community, and meeting MANY in person. I started this blog less than a month ago for the same reason. I’m not looking to make money – I like to write for the process of getting my thoughts and ideas down, and to seek out a community of people.

    1. I bet it will be interesting to go back to old posts (let’s say in a year from now) and see what we were writing and where we’ve been. Blog can be a great timeline.

  7. Probably the 80/20 rule applies, or even 95/5 Most blogs serve as a hobby and a means for self-expression.
    A small percentage make any money, and an even tinier fraction make a living at it — by telling others how to make a living at it.

  8. I’m wondering how SPF makes money playing video games!!? 🙂

    I love blogging because I get to chat with people, I used it to spread the “word” about all the great deals/ tricks/ tips that I love talking about with my friends. I like it because I get to express the “creative” side of me. I always used to want to be a writer (when I was a kid) and this gives me the chance to do it a few times a week.

    1. I think he could have been reffering to an on-line poker? lol

      The best of blogging is talking to others. I feel that I am a part of community… I belong. 🙂

  9. I think knowing yourself and how you tend to react to things is important, and there’s nothing wrong with blogging as a hobby. I started out blogging (anonymously) with the goal of writing daily and improving my finances in one shot. Goals change over time though. I really enjoy blogging and would continue even if I didn’t make money at it — but now I do 🙂

    1. I think a lot of us started blogging with the same goal. I probably would keep writing even if no one was reading. But having a community is so much better!

  10. That is one of the best reasons I’ve read about why somebody is blogging. 🙂 Good for you.

    I blog because of accountability, recording my progress, boredom, needing consistency and hoping that one day, one person will get something from it. Even if it’s only a small change or a reminder of something they already knew, it would make me happy. I also blog because I need to improve my (crappy) writing, I’d love to publish a book one day and to do so…I need to at least be a decent writer. I also love the interaction with the readers and other bloggers. Sorry this got WAY longer than I thought it would. 🙂

    1. Oh no, it is not long at all. I love long comments from my readers. 🙂 It starts a good conversation and shows that my post did touch you in a very good way. Your reasons for blogging show that we all have some hopes and goals for our sites. Blogging definitely can improve writing. It helped me to find my writing voice.

  11. I blog to express myself and use the voice that has been dying to be heard for as long as I can remember. It is a fun hobby and takes the edge off from the day job. Earning extra side income would be a nice to have, but is icing on the cake. Terrific question!

    1. You do indeed have quite a distinct voice – writing and podcasting. 🙂 You, in fact, could have been on a radio!

  12. Aloysa, I’m with you – for me it’s a hobby.

    BUT the other area that I think that blogs are most helpful for as well is to show people – in real life – how the “game” of personal finance is played. It’s a long, long process and takes a lot of commitment and a lot of time. A lot of one step forward, two steps back as well as three steps forward and one step back. It’s not a direct route by any means.

    I think that PF bloggers have the ability to show non-bloggers – and each other – how they do it. Most (probably all) have a wonderful focus on goals, sub-goals, priorities, external accountability, trying to balance saving with meaningful spending goals… So many things that are essential to achieving these big goals of paying off debt or becoming financially independent. Blogging crystallizes our thinking on how this stuff can and should be done.

    1. You just used the words that describe it all “blogging crystallizes our thinking.” It is so true! Somehow words and numbers, or even simple statements about our actions on a paper or computer screen look quite different that in our minds.

  13. I started a blog recently because I like to get out information on various topics that I have read about it. I’m trying to better myself and would like to inspire others as well.

  14. This is a great post. I started blogging in September 2011. My main reason for blogging is because I’ve been in the financial industry for 14 years now and recently paid off my mortgage. I really want to share my story with hopes of helping people take a hold of their money and life. I’ve made lots of mistakes with money even though I am in the industry and would love to help others to avoid my mistakes.

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