Just how does one finance a wedding on short notice?
It seems that almost all of us get into some sort of financial pinch at a some point in our lives, doesn’t it? Just when you’ve planned for your finances in the upcoming months, something unexpected comes by and completely messes with your finances. Sometimes, the most unexpected of events become the most cherished things… (0 comment)

My Cousin’s Kick Starter Campaign!
Hello readers! My cousin is launching a line of watches inspired by the French lifestyle – Monsieur captures the essence of bold living with an eclectic taste for adventure. Check out his press release below! Inspired by the French lifestyle, Monsieur captures the essence of bold living with an eclectic taste for adventure. Why Monsieur?  Monsieur (French pronunciation: [mə.sjø]) aka Gentlemen etches throughout…

How To Be Party Ready This Summer?
Winters can be dark and dreary and hence people wait for summer season for its vibrant colours. Discounting the fact that the weather can be harsh, summer is an awaited time of the year as fashion is at its peak. All the amazing dresses that see the inside of your cupboard for the entire winter…

Moving can be a massively daunting task. If you find yourself moving at the last minute, then trust me – you’ve got yourself a whole lot of pressure, anxiety and rush mixed together. This can only ever lead to nail biting and wracked nerves. The solution? A system that will help you pack, move and…

My Mother Was a Mail-Order Bride
People often ask me how I came to the United States. Sometimes they give me an unpleasant smirk, wink at Beaker, my American husband, and say nothing but imply a lot. Sometimes they go as far as measure me up and down, and blatantly ask me if I was a mail-order bride. In response, I… (54 comments)

In Your Personal Finance Goals, Don’t Forget About Fun
The reward centers of your brain are insatiable. Those little serotonin and dopamine receptors (and whatever else…I’m not a scientist) need frequent stimulation in order to make you feel happy and fulfilled. People experience this stimulation through, among other things, novelty. It’s why we like to go new places, meet new people, and try new… (2 comments)