Reading Salon, November Posts and Sites That Sent Traffic My Way

The list below shows my favorite articles that I stumbled upon (in no particular order):

Sustainable Personal Finance was talking about Livining in a Shipping Container. Impressive and fascinating. Head over to SPF’s website and check it out for yourself.

Retire by 40 just proves in his 4-plex First 3 Months Report one more time why I will never be a landlord. Too much work and money!

One Cent At a Time gives an exellent advice on How To Improve Your Credit Score During Hardship. Anyone can benefit from reading it.

101 Centavos discusses his portfolio in Centavos Dividend Portfolio.  Quite a good conversation resulted from his post. Educational, too!

Financial Samurai sparked quite a heated discussion in his post People Make A Lot More Money Than You Think.

Buck Inspire awed me by his first podcast Time vs Money. Go and listen to it. Now!

Top Five My Broken Coin Posts in November (in case you missed it):

1. Hermain Cain’s Peculiar 999 Plan

2. Financial Lessons I Refused to Learn

3. Why Doesn’t The Occupy Movement Go Home

4. Why I don’t Want To Die in Wal-Mart

5. Why My Coin is Broken 

Where Else You Can Find Me

I am a staff writer at:

1. Everything Finance

2. Broke Professionals 

Top Ten Sites That Sent Traffic My Way in November:

1. Yakezie

2. Debt Free By Thirty

3. One Cent At a Time

4. Facebook

5. Retire By 40

6. Financial Samurai  

7. Twitter

8. Personal Finance Whiz

9. The Dog Ate My Wallet

10. This Is Bristol (this is an on-line newspaper covering events in Bristol, UK. How did I end up getting traffic from them? Apparently, the Occupy Bristol movement issued a wish list for winter. This list was published and discussed in This Is Bristol and,  in the comment section, someone somehow recommended my article Why Doesn’t the Occupy Movement Go Home. Nice, huh?)

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  1. I like the title “Reading Salon”. Conjures up images of stuffed leather chairs, nice floor lamps, and wood-paneled walls. Thanks for including my update.

    1. Nice vision you’ve got! I like it. In fact, I was thinking about something like it plus high shelves filled with books.

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