Are Mortgage Notes The Right Investment For You?
When you think of a mortgage, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is assets borrowed to complete a large purchase such as a house or a vehicle. Not many people know that a closely related mortgage note could be a sound financial investment, especially if you’re looking for a stable cash flow.  Investors… (0 comment)

DIY Brokers vs Managed Funds: Which One is Better?
With investing becoming democratized and an utterly normal way for people to “spend” their money, the question of whether to have your money managed for you or not is becoming increasingly pressing. The general trend seems to be towards DIY brokers, with Robinhood sign-ups absolutely exploding over lockdown, along with an insatiable appetite for cryptocurrency… (0 comment)

Hard Money Lending vs. Traditional Lending
Hard money loans are similar to traditional loans in some ways. The fundamentals are alike: you apply, and if the lender approves the loan, you get your funds. Afterward, you repay the amount you borrowed with interest over a specific term.  However, the details are where you’ll find the most significant differences between hard money… (0 comment)

Want to Take a Short Carnival Cruise? Here’s What it Costs
Have you ever wanted to take a short cruise but you don’t know how much it costs? Cruises are the perfect vacation for families, couples, or solo travelers. They offer an escape from everyday life and provide a chance to explore new destinations in comfort and style. Going on a cruise is a great way…

79 Fun Weekend Ideas for Your Family
Weekends ( 2 days) are so precious because the family spends little time together on weekdays (5 days) as each is either at school or at work.  So you want to make the most of weekends and have fun family activities together.  If you do not have weekend plans pre-planned for the family it is…

6 Ways to Save Money on Things You Already Buy
Saving money can feel overly intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. While you can cut your spending in specific categories to save up, there will always be the essentials you’ll need to pay for regardless. Things like groceries, a car payment, and medications are things you’ll need to buy anyway. So, how can you…

The Relationship Between High Gold Prices and COVID-19
There’s a reason why the value of gold goes up every time major economies get shaky – it’s one of the most popular low-risk investments out there, and investors want to make sure that they have a backup plan in case of an economic crash. Bonds, stocks, virtual currencies, and even cash are all vulnerable…