My Aspirations

Life Simplified

Not living up to anyone’s expectations but my own. Not everyone will or should understand choices that I make. Just because I choose to do something different than someone else, it does not mean I am being selfish, inconsiderate or difficult. It does not mean that because my choice is different, it is wrong. It simply means that I am being me.

Less explaining. I am going to try and explain myself less to people. I cannot change the way someone else views the world. Or my family. Or my dog. I cannot control what other people think. In the end, I think those who ask the most for an explanation will not understand what I have to say anyway.

Getting rid of the non-essential. De-cluttering my home and my closet is my biggest intent for the next year. I don’t really need countless pairs of shoes, sweaters or handbags. Stuff does not define me. I want to get rid of anything that is not being used, does not have a meaning and does not make me or Beaker feel our best. There are so many more aspects to who I am and that’s what I am going to focus on.

Embracing my own imperfections. I am a perfectionist who sometimes gets obsessed with things to the point that it becomes somewhat manic. I know that I am not perfect. No one is. I just need to embrace it and let it go. So much pressure would be lifted off my shoulders.


Saving an emergency fund. Even a small emergency fund would be great.

Paying off our consumer debt by the end of June, 2012. It is so close and, yet, it is so far away.

Spending less. Consuming less. Enough said.

Extra Curriculum Activities

Volunteering. I have never volunteered in my life. It doesn’t feel right anymore. In fact, it feels like I’ve been using, consuming and taking a lot and not giving back. It is about time to start.

Writing more fiction. Writing is my favourite creative outlet that gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Growing and keeping my blog. Somehow and very unexpectedly, My Broken Coin is helping me to define my path out of consumerism. This blog has been the biggest source and the strongest motivation for my self-assessment and, hopefully, self-improvement.

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  1. I love your aspirations. I would love to simplify my life at some point, but at the moment there is tooo much stuff going on. Someday i hope… Good luck with volunteering

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