How My Shopping Addiction Almost Made Me a TV Star

Almost doesn’t count.

My story goes like this: I was contacted by three TV talk shows this summer. I was interviewed over the phone numerous times. Nothing else happened. End of story.

Jeff Probst: Marriage Problems

In July I got an email from the Jeff Probst’s talk show. It was a very short and nice message, asking me if I would be interested to discuss my post on GRS Why I Lied About Money, and the possibility of coming on the show.

At that very moment, I wanted to discuss not just one post but my whole life. I quite vividly pictured myself on national TV, openly looking into cameras and shamelessly exposing my private life to the whole country. In retrospect, I am very glad it never happened.

I was interviewed by the Jeff Probst’s show producers three times. If you are wondering why they were so interested, read My Not Quite Traditional Marriage.

Katie Couric: Extreme Shopping Addiction

Katie Couric’s talk show emailed me in August. This time producers were interested in my shopping addiction.

It was quite a strange feeling to think about Katie Couric looking for a shopaholic and finding me. Later I found out that she was looking for an extreme shopaholic: someone who was in a dire need of a financial and psychological makeover. Even though, my blogger friend Joe from Retire By 40 thinks that I need to seek professional help with my shopping addiction, Katie Couric’s show producers decided that I was too boring.

Anderson Cooper: Spammers and Shoppers

A few weeks ago Anderson Live show contacted me.

I bet by now you are thinking I am making this shit up. I am not! My right hand is raised.

The first email from Anderson Live show said this:

 “Good afternoon-

I am an editorial producer for Anderson Cooper’s day time show,

Anderson Live, based in New York. We are interested in speaking with

you about an upcoming segment we are doing to discuss the possibility

of having you come on our show. Can you please give me a call when you

have a moment so we can chat about the segment?”

The email looked suspicious to me because it came from a gmail address. Angered by a spammer, I promptly replied back:

 I am fully booked this year with Katie Couric and Jeff Probst’s talk shows. Anderson will have to do without me.

Our exchange continued for a while. The spammer didn’t want to let me off the hook so easily. Finally, exasperated and fed up with the spammer’s insistence, I sent this email:

Let’s be honest: your gmail account says to me that you are not a rep for any TV show. Usually media contacts have email extension of a business, not gmail. So why would I NOT consider you a spammer? Also, your phone area code is in LA, and the TV show you are referring to is in NY. I get the joke. I really do. 

In the next few minutes I got an email with extension that said the following:

 Hi Aloysa,

My name is XYZ and I am a senior producer on Anderson Cooper’s national daytime program ‘Anderson Live’.  ABC is one of our booker’s in Los Angeles who reports to me.   I run the booking department here at the show and ABC is part of my department.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  My direct line is 212-xxx-xxxx.   Please call me with any questions, or if you feel comfortable please don’t hesitate to continue conversations with ABC, as I can assure you she is part of our team as a freelance booker.  Looking forward to hearing from you— and I am honestly glad you’re asking questions, as I completely understand! 

This is when I gave in and let them interview me about my shopping addiction. Twice. But, of course, I didn’t make the cut.

Why I Never Made It

Sometimes it pays off to be a train wreck on a reckless spending spree. Those people can get on a TV show. In my case, I am just an ordinary person who loves shopping. Normal doesn’t sell advertisements very well.

At least now I can say to my friends:

Look, I am not a shopaholic. Katie and Anderson think I just love new clothes.  

18 thoughts on “How My Shopping Addiction Almost Made Me a TV Star”

  1. Wow, too bad you didn’t quite fit what they were looking for. I also belong to the club of those that have never been contacted by media. 🙂

  2. Extreme cheapskates contacted me. Suffice to say, since I panned the show there was no way in hell that I would appear on it. I’ll pass. My fame can wait.

  3. Media is rife with freelancers representing outlets via their gmail addresses (I’ve been there done that). Awkward but she should have explained that to you early on when you expressed doubts.

    1. How would I know that having a gmail address is normal. LOL I wish she would say something right from the beginning. I wouldn’t feel like an idiot later on. 🙂

  4. I auditioned for a game show once. Let’s say I wasn’t crazy enough to make it on the big stage. The folks who do make it to tv are extreme personalities or train wrecks. Here’s to not making it on tv! After this experience, are you excited about future tv spots or jaded?

    1. In retrospect I am glad I didn’t make it. After all I work in finance industry, and going on TV and talking about my spending habits seems like not a great idea. 🙂

  5. It’s really a shame that you didn’t make it onto any of those sets. It would be good in my opinion for “regular” people to be showcased rather than the extremes that draw people’s attention. Perhaps the problem is that even “boring” people have stories to tell and lessons to share but they just can’t get the attention on them due to this society’s pathetic addiction to celebrity (real or manufactured) and desire to watch others lives unravel in real time.

    1. Hey, my thoughts exactly. Why don’t they want to showcase regular folks? Why is it always extreme? Who really can relate to extreme?

  6. Wow! you would’ve been one of those reality TV stars. I feel guilty sometimes with my clothes and shoes weakness. Its hard when you realize you’re finally on the brink of running out of money and eventually become a homeless, yes i was in that situation once.

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  8. Wow Aloysa – this is awesome exposure, news and personal gratification all rolled up in a blanket! So very happy and proud for you to have gained national exposure.

    If you ever have any hints on how to get the attention from these big media outlets, drop me an email or g-chat?

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