Do You Know What Your Boss Really Thinks?

Have you ever wished to know what your boss is thinking?

I know I always wanted to know. You see, many years ago, I used to be one of those people who assumed that the world turned around them. I thought that if my boss was in a bad mood, it was my fault. If he seemed to be in a good mood, I hoped it was because of my stellar performance. I assumed if the door into his office was closed, he was contemplating firing me.

This attitude, fueled by outrageous assumptions, was driving me crazy. I have to admit that it took me a lot of self-discipline to teach myself not to think that everything that happened was caused by me.

I don’t even remember how the idea of a new site was born. I think it was brewing in my head for a while, but it never had a defined form. I was talking to Andrea from So Over This, and asked her what she thought about a site that would tell readers a manager’s perspective on office life. She liked the idea. Then the name of the site was born in my mind: What Your Boss Really Thinks (and never tells you.) Immediately I knew I wanted Nuts and Bolts Media not only to host my new site, but also to design it. And so the work started.

What Your Boss Really Thinks is a site that hopefully will help people to get an insight, a glimpse into office life from a boss’ point of view. It might be frustrating to some. It might be maddening to others. It might be a good learning experience to most of you. Remember, it is just one boss talking. Everyone is different.

Managers are people as well. We just have different priorities and different approach to issues. This is what I said in the About section of my new site:

“Being a boss is never smooth sailing. My biggest pet peeve is dealing with personnel issues. I am not a people pleaser by any means, but upsetting people does not make me happy either. You know that statement that says “you cannot please everyone, but you can try your hardest?” This is the biggest bull shit of a selling pitch for some management book that I’ve ever heard. If you try to please everyone, you are going to lose this game and end up with missed deadlines, more stress, unhappy management and (surprise!) upset employees.”

Eventually I am hoping to create a discussion between my readers. If you take a look on the right sidebar on the homepage, there is a form that anyone who has a question, a concern or an issue can submit to me (anonymously or not), and I will try my best to respond to it by writing a post. Don’t feel shy, submit your story!

5 thoughts on “Do You Know What Your Boss Really Thinks?”

  1. jefferson @SeeDebtRun

    It sounds really awesome, Aloysa.. I can’t wait to see this site developer! What a great idea.

    I do often find myself asking this very question, believe it or not..

  2. That is a fun idea, good luck with your project! I am self-employed too so all that my boss thinks about me is already in my head 🙂

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