Selling Your Broken or Unwanted Gold Coins

Are you holding on to some gold coins as a form of investment? Do you want to make the most out of that investment? Are you worried your coins might lose value or you won’t be able to find the proper channel to sell those coins? Don’t know if it’s the right time to sell? Let these pointers guide you in selling your gold coins.

Do Your Research

It goes without saying that some gold coins are going to be worth more than others. Some gold buying websites may list their buying prices for the coins, but in other cases you may have to look around different websites. You may also be unaware that you yourself are holding on to some valuable gold coins because you had no idea what they looked like. You can use Google search to do a reverse image search by uploading a picture of your gold coin on to the website and it will identify the coin for you. It’s good to be aware of current gold prices and the price of certain coins before you sell them.

Evaluate Your Financial Needs

Can’t decide whether you should cash in your gold coins or not? Rather than the market price of gold, something more important you may want to consider is your own state of finance. If you have a stable income, and don’t really need to make any big purchases any time soon, you could probably leave it alone. However, if your rent is due and you’re scrambling to come up with enough funds, or you have a credit card bill you’ve left alone and is beginning to pile interest, it might be more money-savvy to just sell your gold coins to avoid unnecessary monetary losses. Gold is meant to be an investment to help you in your times of need. It won’t do much good if you’re waiting for it to increase in value while your debts are increasing at an even faster speed.

Find the Proper Channel for Your Needs

There are many places that are eager to buy your gold coins. It’s all right if the coins are a little bit damaged or broken, there’s still gold in them (don’t, however, expect premium prices). Just because you can sell gold easily doesn’t mean you should right away. Pawn shops are usually quickly accessible and can pay you on-the-spot for your gold, but you probably won’t get the best price from them. There are also lots of physical stores which specialize on buying gold items and can also pay you on-the-spot but you would have to trust their integrity in order to get a good price. If you don’t need the cash right on the second, you may want to consider selling your gold online. A good gold selling website will make the process simple and efficient. Some will require you to open an account, whereas others have a phone number you can call for updated pricing and customer service. These companies will lock-on the amount you are selling the gold for and have you ship your gold to them. They confirm the contents of the package and send you a payment (e.g. check or wire transfer). These procedures vary so it’s important you find a seller whose method suits you.

Gold is a nice investment if you understand when the proper times to buy and sell are. It’s not only the market conditions but your own personal ones you should think about.  If you have the money and want to save for a rainy day, it’s a great thing to have. Just don’t forget to sell when it’s time to break that piggy bank open.