Important Insurances You Should Have

Insurance is important for protecting your assets both during your life and after death. But what are the most important types of insurance you should have? This guide is going to introduce you to the insurance you need the most to keep you and your family safe from financial ruin. It will discuss everything from home insurance to final expense insurance.

Health Insurance

You should always have a comprehensive health insurance policy. This will prevent you from having to sell your house in the event that you must undergo major surgery. Health insurance can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Make sure you take out a dental insurance policy. Leaving this hole in your coverage makes you vulnerable as oral healthcare can be incredibly expensive.

Home Insurance

It makes sense to have home insurance because that’s your most important asset. If anything happens to it, you are the one who’s going to be left out of pocket. And you may never get back to owning your own home again. Home insurance should be comprehensive and it should include coverage for all natural disasters. If you live in the middle of a major city, you may even want to take out coverage for terrorism.

Car Insurance

Technically, you have no choice when it comes to car insurance. This is a legal requirement in most states. On the other hand, car insurance is something that you can easily skimp on if you want to save money. You only need third-party coverage to fulfill your legal obligations in the majority of states.

But you should always have comprehensive insurance. When you think about it, your car is your second biggest asset. If you only have a vehicle worth a few hundred dollars, you may be able to avoid comprehensive coverage, but for the majority the extra expense is worth it.

Final Expenses Insurance

Final expenses insurance is a combination of multiple insurance types. You can even add burial insurance to your policy. These policies will ultimately come together to cover those expenses associated with dying. You will have your burial covered and the cost of your funeral accounted for. You should absolutely have this type of policy in place simply because it isn’t fair to leave your loved ones with lots of bills after you die.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is something you should take out as early as possible, if only to make sure that you get lower premiums and to make the pot much bigger. Colonial penn life insurance policies pay out a lump sum to your family should you die. The sum can be quite significant, particularly if you’ve held the policy for a considerable period of time. In many cases, it can cover the cost of the house and provide some breathing space for your relatives to recover from the trauma they’ve just experienced.


There are many types of insurance you absolutely have to have. Make sure you shop around for the right policy to ensure you get the best deal.

Which insurance policy will you take out today?