My First Podcast: Consumerism Commentary and Mail-Order Brides

A few weeks ago Flexo from Consumerism Commentary asked me if I would be willing to do a podcast and talk about my mail-order brides article series. Without a second thought, without a hint of hesitation, I said “yes, of course.” We set up a date, and time, and only then it hit me:

I will be interviewed! People will hear me talk about my mother’s personal exploits as well as my own. How much more awkward than that can it get?!

I have to admit that I almost refused to give this interview. I am not a good public speaker. I don’t like how my voice sounds when recorded. I still, after all these years, sometimes get hung up on my accent.

In spite of all my insecurities and fears, I didn’t pull back. I believe that people have to conquer their internal fears in order to live through experiences that, otherwise, they would not be able to.

Was this adventure in podcasting unnerving? Hell, yes. It was not blood-curdling scary (even though my adrenaline level was pretty high that day) but it was intense. It also was fun.

I have to give huge credit to Flexo who promised me that the interview would be very relaxed and, it was. I am immensely grateful to Tom Dziubek who did the actual interview. He is very professional (just listen to his voice, and his questions, and you will see what I mean!) and fun at the same time. He made all of this happen in the most relaxed and comfortable manner imaginable. Thank you guys for this experience!

You can listen to the podcast here.

8 thoughts on “My First Podcast: Consumerism Commentary and Mail-Order Brides”

  1. I did a voice a speech class for 2 years to lose my accent. I love my voice. I used to commentate for ESPN so I needed to find that ability to say that. And I can.

    1. I did not know that you can take classe to lose your accent. I want to keep my, though. It is my trademark. 🙂

      1. Never lose the accent, it’s great!! Thanks for doing the podcast! FYI a portion of my family is from Lithuania, too.

  2. Squeezer @Personal Finance Success

    My mother is from Poland and has a similar accent to yours. I love it! Can you tell us how the podcast was ran? Did they do it over Skype? Mail you a microphone? Fly you somewhere to do the interview?

    1. Yes, we did it over Skype. No one flew me to NY, I was at home, on my couch. 🙂 It was very relaxed and fun experience. I would do it again!

  3. Congrats, Aloysa! I haven’t listened to that episode yet (saving it for tomorrow’s run). Can’t wait to hear the new podcasting star.

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