How to stop negative thoughts from scuppering your career

Whether you’re looking for a promotion or you’re planning to strike out on your own and set up a company, negative thoughts may be your worst enemy. If you don’t feel as though you’re up to the job, you might be reluctant to take that next step and really test yourself. Lots of people feel nervous when they’re climbing the career ladder; it’s those who can overcome their anxieties and concerns who stand the best chance of fulfilling their ambitions. To help you achieve a more positive mind-set, here’s a brief guide to preventing negativity from scuppering your success.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

No one is infallible, and it’s important to bear this in mind when you’re striving for the top. The chances are, you will make mistakes. The important thing is not to let this put you off. Everyone, including the most talented people in your industry, will have made errors along the way. The thing that sets these individuals apart is the fact that they don’t let these hiccups hinder their progress. They learn from any difficulties and make themselves stronger and more effective as a result. Commenting on this approach, entrepreneur Chris Niarchos, founder and chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies, states that making mistakes is simply part of the process and it gives you an opportunity to learn important lessons for the future.

Focus on the positives

Focusing on any gaps in your skills or experience is guaranteed to have a negative impact on your confidence and it could result in you selling yourself short. So, instead of thinking about the things you’re not able to do, it’s useful to consider the skills and knowledge that you already have. Try making a list of your achievements and the abilities you’ve acquired so far throughout your education and work, and add to it each time you pick up a new skill. You might be surprised by the range of talents you have. You can always improve on yourself in order to close the gaps in your skills. If you’re stuck in a career in engineering, for example, you can opt to further your education with degrees like an ms in engineering management, so you’ll be able to leverage new skills in order to advance in your career.

 Ask for help when you need it

Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness. Whether it’s getting in touch with a mentor who can give you valuable insights and guidance based on their own experiences in your industry or it’s reaching out to your family for practical support to help you focus on your work, taking advantage of the help on offer can make it much easier to achieve your goals and stay positive. Also,  opening up about any pressures you’re facing can help you to keep a balanced, healthy perspective on your career.