Cutting The Costs When You Sell Your Home


With house prices on the rise in many areas, you’d think that selling your home would net you a decent profit. Unfortunately, it can end up costing you a lot in fees, from the estate agent to legal costs, and this cuts into any money that you make from selling. Luckily, there are ways that you can cut the costs, and here are a few tips for protecting your profits.

Sell your own home

Most buyers now do their research online, so it’s never been easier to sell your own home. Many companies now offer a service where you can list your own home on major property sites, and you’ll get advice and support during the selling process. The downsides? You’ll often have to do your own viewings and paperwork, but when compared with the thousands that estate agents charge, you may feel this is worth it.

Make cosmetic improvements

If your home is a little dated, or the décor is perhaps not to everyone’s tastes, then you may think you have to spend a lot to improve the place. However, it’s often simple things that put buyers off. For example, a top complaint was dirty kitchens and bathrooms, so get out a brush and make sure you scrub areas such as grouting. Some people spend a lot of money replacing tiles when they could be painted, or getting new kitchens fitted when a change of cupboard doors would do. Don’t put too much money into the house. The new residents will want to change things anyway.

Find a buyer who will cover the fees

Some companies who buy homes for cash will cover your fees, and although their initial offer may be below the usual asking price, you’ll save thousands on fees and get a quick sale. Companies such as Quick Move Now have their own solicitors, and buy properties in all conditions, so you’re not pouring money into the house only to sell it on.

Don’t go to your local solicitor

When many people buy their home, they get a price for solicitors’ fees from one law firm, then hire them. However, you can save a lot of money by shopping around for solicitors, and even haggling with them. Look at online comparison sites, get the best price, then ask some local property firms to match it. The worst they can say is no, and you’ve got nothing to lose by looking around.

Selling your home can be an expensive business, and whether you’re paying a set fee or a percentage, services from estate agents to solicitors can get expensive. It’s important to look at ways you can cut costs, so you aren’t left out of pocket, and can make the most of your biggest asset.