Tips to Save Big When Spending Big

If you’re a big saver, then changing up and being a big spender is probably something that makes you feel pretty uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to. There are ways to still make great savings even when it’s time to spend up big. Whether you’re buying a house, a car or any other large purchase, there are ways in which you can save on those larger purchases, and save big. Here are our top tips to save big when spending big on 3 of the largest purchases we make.

Tips to Save Big When Buying a House

When buying a house there are a few important things to get right in order to save. First, use a good local real estate agent. Don’t look too far out from the market you’re buying in, local is key. Make sure to shop around and get loan quotes from multiple lenders. Don’t simply stick with your own financial institution, hoping to save due to loyalty. You’ll want to have at least 20% saved already for the down payment and of course, choose a house that needs a bit of work. Make sure you compromise here and don’t pick perfect. If all the work has already been done then you won’t be saving much. If you’re not in the position to do a lot of work to the house, then simply choose a place that has the basics covered, but is in need of new cabinetry, carpeting and a lick of paint.

Tips to Save Big When Buying a Car

When buying a car you should always do your homework first. You’ll likely already have a few makes and models in mind that fit the bill but don’t settle on any one. First, look around and find what new models are going for and then shop used. Buying a new car is a terrible investment, nothing depreciates faster than a new car driven out of the lot. You’ll also want to look at private sellers rather than simply opting for local dealers. While slightly more risky, if you do your research well and take it for a good test drive and kick the tyres, so to speak, you’re going to make a huge saving by buying used from a private seller.

Tips to Save Big on Travel

Travel can be one of the biggest purchases we ever make so it’s important to plan ahead, way ahead in order to save and get a great deal. The best way to save big on travel is to spend more time in fewer places. Instead of flying into Europe and spending one day in Paris, the next in London and so on and so on, it’s better to instead, choose one or two spots for a longer stay. To save even more, you should plan your holiday for the off-season and fly during midweek rather than flying in and out on the weekend. And if you haven’t already, join a frequent flyer program and earn travel points every time you shop.


We all want to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. One of the perks of earning money is to do all the things you love, but the only downside is we sometimes forget to limit the spending we do with every purchase. The above tips are to help you enjoy while doing it in a way that you won’t be guilty of all the spending you’ve made!