How To Make Money With Your Own Ecommerce Website

An ecommerce website is a great way to start a business without a lot of upfront costs. It is a perfect new side gig that could turn into something larger down the line. However, low upfront costs mean the internet marketplace is very competitive. Even a good product can become lost in the market unless marketed correctly. As an entrepreneur with a just launched ecommerce website, you’ll have to immediately turn to marketing in order make money. It can be hard to figure out which tools will expand your business, and which are a waste of money. The following tips will show you how to make money with your own ecommerce website.

Get An SSL Certificate

You need to get an SSL certificate so that customers can pay you. An SSL certificate is a safety feature that allows your customers to hand over their payment information securely. Without this certificate, many customers won’t trust your ecommerce website with their billing information. Without that base level of trust, you cannot survive as an ecommerce website. Fortunately, WooCommerce hosting plans offer an SSL certificate can give your customers instant protection by encrypting all data that travels between you and the customer. Without an SSL certificate, your ecommerce sight literally can’t make money.

Get A Shopping Feed

Next, you will want to create a product feed to start making money. Once you set up a shopping feed, send it to a Google Merchant Center account. This feed will inform Google and other merchant sites of the availability of products. Once submitted, they can include your products in Google searches. This will let customers see your product in searches. This is an important part of creating leads for your business and attracting fresh customers. Attaching your products to Google will also let your satisfied customers review the products and share their experiences with leads. Getting a shopping feed will ensure that your ecommerce sight is attached to the greater web via search engines.

Spread The Word On Social Media

Work on building and expanding your social media footprint to make money. It’s important to make sure your ecommerce site is represented on all the social media sites. Through this, you can use returning customers, family, and friends to build word of mouth. Social media allows this word of mouth to spread farther and faster than ever before. This is one of the fun ways to earn more money online. Once you build this presence, make sure to maintain it. Plan to regularly post new messages to your growing community. Social media is a great free tool to spread word of your ecommerce site. Don’t neglect it.

Hire Influencers

Another way to make spread word of your site is to hire an influencer to amplify your reach. Influencers are social media users with high numbers of followers, at least 100,000 or more. These influencers can be hired to promote your product to their followers. Followers keep these influencers in high regard and are likely to use a product they endorse. The trouble is an influencer will likely want a fee for the endorsement. These fees will be far less than an endorsement from a traditional celebrity, but they still add up. If you can identify an influencer whose followers are likely to use your ecommerce website, an endorsement can make you some additional sales.

SEO Marketing

Now that your ecommerce site is on search engines, take steps to optimize its presence. Ideally, you want to reach the point where your site is the first to come up on a generic search for the product or service you provide. This will assure that you’ll attract a regular flow of potential customers into your site. On top of that, organic search engine traffic has very high conversion rates with ecommerce websites. This sort of SEO operation is also useful if you choose to display your products on shopping sites as well. Acquiring SEO software or even hiring an SEO expert to advise you can help you reach full optimization on your ecommerce site.

Making money with an ecommerce site can be struggle. These tips will help make sure your site makes money. Get an SSL certificate to take customer’s money safely. Set up a shopping feed on Google. Next, spread word of mouth with social media. If you are ready to get more exposure, hire influencers to promote your site on social media. Focus on SEO to push your site higher on search engines. Following these tips, you can make money without spending a lot on your newly launched ecommerce website.