Why Do People Still Prefer Cable TV?

If you are one of those people who like searching through the channels to catch your favorite shows on air and enjoy floating over various channels, then cable TV might be the right choice for you. Though streaming services have been around and gaining popularity because of the vast libraries of TV shows and movies they offer to the users, cable TV still has more subscribers and is a part of millions of homes in the United States. You have astounding options like Spectrum cable plans to access hundreds of channels and not to worry about any delays or buffering issues. With a sound cable TV connection, your entertainment does not have to suffer because of any bandwidth limitation. Having said that, let us have a deeper look at the reasons that makes cable TV success in America as people continue to majorly rely on it for fulfilling their entertainment needs.

Cheaper Plans

With the rising competition throughout, cable companies are now coming up with cheaper plans to compete with their competitors including the streaming services. The low pricing of cox or spectrum cable plans has enabled users to access hundreds of channels at a much lower price and made their users stick to them instead of heading towards streaming services. 

Bundling Offers

Most of the cable companies offer bundle deals that allow users to combine TV with internet and/or phone services. This allows users to manage everything under one bill and avoid the struggle of taking care of multiple bills. It also serves as a good opportunity to save money. Thus you can enjoy peace of mind while you enjoy seamless connectivity at a much affordable price. We often hear users saying that they find it more convenient to have the same provider for accessing cable TV and internet services. Therefore, they are not willing to unbundle their package and are much satisfied with the quality of services and pricing.

Reliable Cable Boxes

Most of the cable TV providers now provide modern set up boxes that are more capable of supporting the latest TV features including 4K video streaming with a better HDR experience. We see more and more cable boxes in the market that offer voice compatibility features with Google Assistant or others. This means that you can send voice commands for a channel you want to watch for instance.

Access to Live Sports

If you are a sports fan then you just cannot get over the fact that cable TV lets you enjoy all the thrill, excitement, and drama that comes along while watching live sports. Online streaming services have their benefits but you cannot catch Super Bowl or Olympics thrill there. So if you want to call your friends over and watch your favorite team win a much-awaited match, cable TV will not let you down. This is because most of the live sports events are available on cable TV ONLY. This goes for most of the award shows as well. If you do not want to miss the live Oscars or Grammys, then all you need is a decent cable TV connection. 

Negotiations and Customization

Oftentimes, talking to your cable TV provider and following a good negotiation strategy might help you get discount offers or a lowered cable bill. This is a great help in the long run as you get to pay a lower rate if it works.

Moreover, many cable TV providers now offer wider customization options. For instance, when it comes to the channel line-up, they might allow you to pick your desirable channels so you can pay for viewing the channels that you watch rather than those that you never did. 

The Bottom Line

The aforementioned discussion highlights the main reasons of why cable TV remains the king in the industry as it continues to have maximum subscribers. This reflects the fact that the residents of America still rely more on cable TV services as their main source of entertainment and news. You can consider your TV habits and choice of channels to subscribe to a cable TV package that best matches your entertainment needs. The right cable TV plan at a budget-friendly price will help you make the most out of your money.