Why Bitcoin is a Currency to be Taken Seriously


  In 2009, an electronic currency named Bitcoin was created to make online transactions that much safer and smoother. After years of expansion and support for the idea, there are now Bitcoin ATM machines in areas of Canada and major retailers accept Bitcoin as an acceptable method of payment. The influx of support over its introduction to the world five… Read more »

Basics Of Forex Trading And How The Exchange Takes Place

Basics Of Forex Trading And How The Exchange Takes Place

The foreign exchange market has a huge impact in the global economy. And, this whole idea has been termed as the Forex currency market. Individuals from all around the world can trade currency because Forex is a global setup. The main function of this setup is to simplify the process of buying, selling and exchanging currencies at the given price…. Read more »

The Latest Rage In Market – ‘Passive Income’

In the recent years the term ‘Passive Income’ is rather relatively used. Some call it easy money while others rather staunchly argue it to be an equally hard earned money as a nine to five job. The pop culture often defines it as ‘easy money you earn while sunbathing on a beach sipping mojitos’. Colloquially, the term Passive Income has… Read more »

A Guide to Buying Gold Coins

Gold Coins

The economy, currently, is not looking very good. In times of economic crisis, one of the first things that occur is the depreciation of currency, particularly the U.S. dollar. This is why investors and individuals alike choose to invest in a commodity that has more stability than currency. When the financial situation around the globe looks bleak, many turn to… Read more »