The Aspiring Accountant’s Journey From Lackey To Guru

There are a lot of career opportunities for someone who knows to manage the books. Accounting is a skill that every business has a need of. Yet, there are plenty of business owners who don’t have the patience, the attention to detail or the analytical skill for it. Which means there’s plenty of market for those who do. However, if… Read more »

Handy Financial Tips For Life’s Nasty Surprises

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When you hear the term “surprise expenses”, you might think of things like medical bills from injuries, repairs after a car breakdown, or home maintenance that you didn’t see coming. A lot of people who have never experienced these things don’t really worry about them. You’re a careful person, right? Even if you haven’t run into any full-blown disasters yet,… Read more »

Ready, Debt-Set, Go! Problems That Will Get You Into Debt and Keep You There


Image By These are some of the key problems that will get you into debt and keep you there. You have to make sure you follow some of the suggestions on here to keep yourself out of debt. You need to make financial decisions that are important for the greater good, and this list will help you achieve that…. Read more »

6 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

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Let’s be clear from the beginning: trying to improve your credit score is not easy. This is because we are talking about changing the score on records that date back many years. Fortunately, it’s not impossible. It’s difficult, yes; but it’s not impossible. And it will take time, patience, and consistency to do. Those who are impatient often fall for… Read more »

Securing Equity: Simple, Easy and Interesting Investments


(Image source) For folks new to finance, or new to the business game entirely, investment can be daunting ordeal. In a world filled with scams, the fear of being tricked is too large to ignore. So, most people resort to storing their money away with banks. Although this may be the most secure option, it won’t generate much income. To… Read more »

Earning Passive Income Through Writing Essays

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Writing is an art form, and writing essays is a highly specialized discipline of writing. For many crafting an essay is an extremely tall order. And this is especially true for students. Forced into the crucible that is school, students must juggle learning, homework, extracurricular activities, family life and social life. Unfortunately, the majority of students are just not adept… Read more »

Ignorance Is NOT Bliss: Why You Have To Deal With The Elephant In The Room


Just about every one of us has at least one issue that we don’t like to talk about. It’s often referred to in different ways. Some people say they like to “keep things compartmentalized.” Others will say they like to roll with the punches. What we all mean when we say this stuff is “please don’t ask me now, because… Read more »