Credit to the NHS
Short term loan provider, Mr Lender, has begun a trial offering special discounted interest rates on loans taken out by all NHS staff. The trial will last until the end of February 2017. At 0.4% per day, it is half the current rate cap which was introduced by the FCA back in January 2015. A 50% reduction… (0 comment)

Why Business Owners Must be Careful With Their Money
As an SME owner, it’s vital that you keep a tight control over your business’s finances. Many SMEs fail because they’ve failed to accurately control their cashflow, and it’s easy to see why. After all, with so many expenses and expenditures, it can be difficult to see whether you’re coming or going, sometimes. The trick… (0 comment)

Freelance Financials: What Do You Need To Be Doing? 
​(Image Source) As a freelancer, in most places, you’re required to declare your own taxes. This means that you have to do some work throughout the year, to make sure that your taxes are completed successfully. To help you out, this post will go through the steps that should be taken to ensure that tax… (0 comment)

How to throw a New Year’s party ON A BUDGET (without looking like a cheapskate)
New year is just round the corner and we are already brimming with excitement for the ball to drop! Can you picture an amazing New Year’s Party with your friends toasting champagne at the strike of midnight while enjoying the party that stays kicking till the wee hours of morning? Title Image Credit: New Year’s… (0 comment)