Three Tips for Managing Your Personal Budget

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Budgeting is a skill that can be tricky to master. If it were easy, everybody would do, but studies have shown that the vast majority of people don’t. Indeed, many people live paycheck-to-paycheck with little thought given to their financial future. If you would like to get a jumpstart on savings or plan for a major purchase, now is the… Read more »

Lawyer Up! Why Representing Yourself is a Foolish Idea

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More and more people are getting worried about their finances. They’re counting all their pennies. They’re looking for every way possible to save all the money they possibly can. This is a good thing, in my opinion. If you’re not smart about your finances, you’re going to feel the burn eventually. But sometimes, people choose some really unfortunate ways to… Read more »

How to stop negative thoughts from scuppering your career

Whether you’re looking for a promotion or you’re planning to strike out on your own and set up a company, negative thoughts may be your worst enemy. If you don’t feel as though you’re up to the job, you might be reluctant to take that next step and really test yourself. Lots of people feel nervous when they’re climbing the… Read more »

Why You’re Doing Trading All Wrong

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Pixabay Uncomfortable fact: most traders lose money. So the odds are that if you’re trading you’re doing it wrong. It sounds harsh, but the statistics have my back! So here are some worryingly common mistakes that traders make. Read this before you make another financial move You’re not paying attention to the news The value of any given asset is… Read more »

What You Need To Do To Prepare For Choppy Financial Waters


We can’t always tell what the future will bring. It might be our own negligence or factors entirely out of our control. Whatever it is, we should never assume that we’re never going to be in a spot of financial difficulty. Instead, we should prepare for that possibility. We should act not only to protect our finances now. We should… Read more »