Organizing a Product Launch Event: The Ultimate Checklist

Working on a new product can take years. It requires the effort of dozens of people at least and it’s often the focus of the entire company. Launching such a product should reflect its importance. It’s a way to present your work to the public and effectively launch a marketing campaign. Start by building up anticipation and teasing out the content of your event. That way the buzz will start before the event and the launch itself will set the tone of the conversation.

The purpose

It’s important to determine the purpose of the launch beforehand and organize it with that purpose in mind. The purpose will depend on the type of the product you’re creating and your position within the industry. If the product is something completely groundbreaking, the goal of the launch event is to explain how this product is used. For other less innovative ventures, the focus should be on the ways your work sets you apart from the competitors in your field. Also, think about whom you are addressing. Is the launch important only to journalists and industry leaders present in the room? Should it be a spectacle for everyone watching the live stream around the world? These decisions will dictate the event itself.

The venue

There are a few considerations to be made in terms of the location of your launch. First one is the proximity. Everyone involved should be able to make it on time and have a comfortable accommodation waiting for them. When this is done, think about how well the location reflects on your company and your product. A bit of glamour is sometimes necessary to underline the importance of the product and the place your company occupies in the industry. On the other hand, overdoing it and making it all about you can have the opposite effect.

The guest list

Your guest list will depend on what you want to accomplish with the launch and the product itself. It should include influential people in your industry. Journalists, bloggers and others who could help spread the word are the first ones who should be invited. Your competitors should also be there especially in smaller and tightly-knit industries. Everyone who was involved in making the product and making the launch possible should obviously be a guest of honor. Using professional special events management services will help you keep track of your guests and the equally important follow-up after it.


The launch event itself should be a part of a larger sales strategy. This means you need to encourage your audience to come. Use the event to promote not only the product but the sales strategy as well. Loyal customers should also be a part of the event and get good deals on the new product, or possibly get one for free, if you could afford it. This is a big expense, but it will create the needed buzz and show that your company is loyal to its customers.

The follow-up

You won’t be through with advertising once everyone goes home. Reach out to all attendees with a few follow up questions and let them ask about anything they might have misunderstood or want to know more about. This will help you with organizing the next event and creating a mailing list for the re-marketing purposes. A well-crafted re-marketing effort could bring as much as 50 percent of the undecided customers your way.

A product launch event should be carefully planned and used to show off the best features of your new product. It’s also a way to establish yourself within the industry and kick off a new sales strategy. All of this should be done in an entertaining manner and presented through channels the media can work with.