Nike product testing application: How to get free Nike shoes?

o you need brand new kicks but aren’t willing to purchase hundred-dollar sneakers? You might have been searching for “Nike product testing Reddit reviews” for a while now but haven’t found the comprehensive take on this program.

We’ve looked at official Nike sources, watched tutorial videos, read reviews from people who tested Nike products and even reached out to Nike customer service to discover the process involved in their testing program. Below, we provide you with a complete guide on trying out their latest kicks.

Keep reading to know more about the Nike shoe tester program, its application, requirements, benefits, and other brands that offer free sneakers for you to try. You’d miss a chance to save over $100 and score expensive Nike shoes for free if you skip over this piece!

Is Nike Product Testing Legit?

The Nike product testing program allows customers to try new shoes and prototypes. Through this program, you can assess never-before-seen sneakers from Nike. 

It may sound too good to be true, but this program is not a scam.

Head over to the Nike product testing login page and discover that it’s under Nike’s official website.

How does it work?

First, you need to apply to be a tester. If Nike approves your application, the next step is to accept their invitation. After receiving the test invite, you will now be eligible to test their shoes. 

Nike gives free shoe samples by mail through the Voice of Athlete program. The company will require you to submit feedback via its website during the testing phase. Keep a log on a bi-weekly basis. Remember to be as detailed as possible.

Lastly, you’ll need to return the product to the company, depending on whether you assessed shoes or gear. Nike even shoulders the shipping fee through a prepaid shipping label with the test packet. This way, you don’t need to spend any amount of money. You only need to answer the application survey, accept the invitation, receive the product, and provide valuable feedback.

However, you must treat this as a top-secret between you and Nike. Here are some of the reminders:

  • No photographs
  • No sharing via social media or electronic media
  • No discussions with friends and family members, or even strangers.

Currently, Nike is not opening applications for on-site testers. It only accepts remote testers, which is more convenient for shoe lovers like you. There’s no need to go to a Nike store when testing free shoe samples.

How to Become a Nike Product Tester?

We know you’re wondering how to become a Nike wear tester. Now’s the time to get into the details of the program.

The minimum requirements are the following:

  • Appropriate age
  • Available location
  • Shipping address

There are six steps to be included in the official list of Nike product testers.

1. Visit the webpage

First, you need to visit the Voice of the Athlete webpage. You’ll see two buttons—the Login and Apply click boxes. 

If you click the Apply button, you’ll be redirected to the general guide on the program. On the other hand, if you choose the Login box, Nike will require you to input your registered email and password. 

Click the Apply button to sign up and be part of the Voice of the Athlete program.

2. Choose an age group

You’ll notice categories to choose from at the bottom of the infographic about the application procedure. The three boxes are:

  • Apply for Adult Testing – This age bracket consists of 18 to 60 years old.
  • Apply as a Minor – This portal is open for young children aged 13 to 17.
  • Parent: Apply for a Child – This section requires the child’s parent to apply for the kid who’s 12 years or younger.

3. Answer preliminary questions

After clicking the correct group, the website will now start asking for details related to your application.

The first query involves your location. Currently, the Voice of Athlete is available in 38 countries. Below is a list of available locations. Check out if the program is accessible in your area.

United StatesCroatiaItalySingapore
ArgentinaDenmarkJapanSouth Korea
China MainlandIndonesiaPolandUnited Kingdom

After confirming your place of residence, you will be asked to choose from three products—apparel, footwear, or both. 

4. Input personal details

Upon clicking on the footwear category, the website will ask more questions, nine to be exact. This time, it’s about personal information. 

This step will help Nike decide which product is best for your lifestyle. Here are the queries in this stage.

  • What is your date of birth?
  • Are you a Nike employee?
  • Are you now, or do you soon expect to become, an athlete in the NCAA? 
  • What is your full name, email, and password?
  • What is your preferred method of communication? Email or SMS?

After asking to choose between email or SMS, the website will show the Release and Waiver Form, which you must sign. It also requires your address and the date of signing.

Click the checkbox next so you can proceed to the next step. Nike will then ask for a recruitment code if you have any. 

Then, the website will require your shipping address. Lastly, you need to input your gender.

5. Answer questions about body measurements

Below are the questions in the third part of the questionnaire.

  • What is your height?
  • What is your weight?
  • What is the sports category you would like to apply for?
  • What is your shoe size?
  • How did you hear about us?

Take note that the available sizes range from 8 ⅝ inches to 12 inches.

6. Answer lifestyle questions

There are 10 queries for the third part of the survey. The questions depend on the sports you’re playing. Since we picked the football category, here are the questions we’ve answered.

  • What is your current level of participation in soccer/football?
  • What position do you play?
  • What type of soccer/football do you play?
  • Which surface/s do you play on?
  • How many hours do you allot for playing?
  • In which range/s does your offseason fall?
  • Which system of measurement do you use to determine your shoe size?
  • What is your preferred shoe size (in US men’s) when playing soccer/football?
  • Which silo/s or style/s of boots do you most closely identify with?
  • Do you use any electronics to track performance?

After answering the questions about your lifestyle, you will be redirected to a page notifying you that your applications have been submitted. Nike will then send an email to let you know if you are accepted or declined from the program.

You can also review the profile you’ve submitted.

How Long Does The Process Take?

It will take around 5 to 10 minutes, from the moment you visit the Voice of Athlete page to the notification that your profile has been submitted. It will depend on how fast you answer the questions on the Nike website.

What Products Can You Try?

Aside from footwear testing, there’s also a Nike apparel testing program. 

It allows you to test the latest shirts, pants, and other sports equipment from the company. Some footwear and gear are prototypes, which means you’ll be the first to try the products!

Can You Get Free Shoes When You Become A Product Tester?

Of course, you’ll get free shoes to try when you become a product tester. However, you eventually need to return the footwear. After qualifying for the program and receiving your new sneakers, you have to provide feedback. 

Note that the company will send you shoes and apparel based on your physical activities or hobbies. This strategy ensures that you can adequately test the product and give valuable opinions based on daily use.

Why Does Nike Operate The Product Testing Program?

Most brands, including Nike, deeply value even their prospective customers’ opinions about their shoes, gear, and sports equipment. 

Since people rarely buy a product just to try it, companies need to incentivize. It then piques the interest of sneakerheads like you.

Also, according to Survey Monkey, product testing is an excellent strategy to ask the brands’ target audiences regarding their most liked products and suggestions on how to improve their manufactured goods. 

Hence, it helps the company while providing a fun way for customers to test the newest products.

How Much Do Nike Product Testers Make?

Generally, Nike doesn’t pay their product testers. You just won’t need to pay a dollar to wear the latest Nike sneakers, and you get to try Nike products for two to three months. 

Top-selling Nike products cost more than $130. If you become a product tester, those are the footwear you’ll use for up to 3 months.

Tips to Get Picked for Product Testing

Nike doesn’t approve all applications for this program. To make sure that you have a successful application, here are some tips:

  • Make sure to have an active lifestyle.
  • Pick all the options or categories that apply.
  • Don’t leave any comment box blank.
  • Expound on your lifestyle should the website ask for explanations.

Other Product Testing Programs to Try

You may have already realized that product tester jobs are real. If you want to try other brands, check out these sites:

Similar to Nike’s product testing program, these brands will choose based on physical activities, demographic profile, and shoe size. 

Upon application, you will provide personal information to determine your qualifications in the programs mentioned above.

Final Verdict: Is Nike Product Testing Worth It?

If you want to try the newest footwear from Nike without paying the shipping fee, then this program is for you. By becoming a product tester, you will know what to look for in shoes. You’ll also have a secret and exciting activity for up to three months!