Legal Caveats: Can You Use Your Spouse’s Vehicle To Drive for Uber?

Uber, Lyft and services like Uber Eats and delivery services have one major thing in common – they require the use of a vehicle. So, can you use your spouse’s vehicle to drive for Uber? Let’s start from ground zero.

What is Uber?

Years ago we told people not to get in strangers vehicles and not to meet people from the internet. Now with the use of many apps, you can literally summon strangers from the internet and get in their cars.

Uber and Lyft along with other fledgling companies are alternatives to Taxi’s, and also if you meet their requirements, you can be your own boss. One of the requirements is that you carry insurance, much like this site explains and offers. But if you’re going to be driving a vehicle anyhow, you need to be insured. So let’s take a look at Uber’s requirements.

Uber’s Requirements

Although you can get your license at 16 in some states, Uber wants you to be at least 21 years old. But being 21 isn’t just old enough to get into the club, you also need to have been licensed to drive for at least a year. But if you’re under 23, they’ll want you to have been licensed for at least three years.

You’ll sign up for Uber at their site. But before you go steering your computer to that link, let’s make sure you’re well into the qualified territory. You’ll need a Four Door Vehicle that is 10 years old or newer. Not to mention valid in-state auto insurance, an in-state driver’s license, and an in-state license plate with current registration.

Does your vehicle qualify for Uber?

Many questions are asked about vehicle qualification when it comes to Uber or other driving services.

Your car needs to be at least ten years old or newer. Which means that a 10-year-old vehicle will be out of date in just a years time, so you won’t be driving for long! Additionally, any vehicle must have seatbelts and seating for four PASSENGERS which does not include the driver.

Your car will have to pass a mechanical vehicle inspection, which means every signal, light, horn, and window must function. This is true even if your state does not have state inspection. All cars regardless of state will be held to the same standard at Uber.

The driver’s full name must be on the insurance card for the vehicle. In this case, this means you AND your spouse if a spouse is planning on applying and driving for Uber.

The driver’s name does NOT have to be on the registration, so for example, the car could be a rental or fleet vehicle.

But there are some restrictions, Even though a full-size van would seem to qualify, Uber does not allow any full-size van in their fleet. SO the Ford Transit, E series, and GMC Vans are out. But a minivan even with standard transmission is acceptable.

None of the vehicles you drive for Uber can be marked, save for Uber markings. So for example, if you or your spouse have a real estate, handyman, or other at home company you like to keep advertised on the car, that sign or insignia is in violation of Uber’s marking policy and would have to be removed prior to driving.

In-state auto insurance

This may seem simple, but for many people who have recently moved, or are attached to a longer policy, maybe you aren’t inclined to make that shift in policy which may result in an increased rate. But Uber not only requires the policy to be in-state but also have your name on the policy. So what does this mean for you driving your spouse’s car? Well, at the very least – you need to be on her policy.

Uber drivers must pass a background check

Since this is your spouse’s car, your spouse’s social security number will be used in a background check and a driving records check. If there are any hiccups, you can expect that Uber will either outright reject you, or move you to the bottom of the pile. But since this isn’t just about your spouse, this means you’ll also be subject to these same requirements.

Are you listed on the insurance policy?

As stated, you’ll need to be listed on the insurance policy and have to go through a driving and background check. But driving your spouse’s vehicle is clearly more complicated than just driving your own. Since both of you have to qualify for Uber’s stringent requirements. If you were to get into an accident, who is liable? Your spouse is the independent contractor for Uber, so clearly she’s at fault, but you were driving, and you may consider carrying additional or extra insurance from a separate carrier as a professional driver.

About Uber and Spouses

Uber has been around since March of 2009 when it was founded in San Francisco, just three years before Lyft, a similar service. Both services have restrictions on how long and how often you can drive. Once you clock 12 hours for the day, that’s going to be the last fare you can pick up. So if you do sign on with your spouse, you could have a true 24-hour operation, if you were so inclined.

Be aware that Uber has a very strict policy about additional drivers, and although your spouse will go through the same background and driving record check, Uber has been known to terminate agreements when one is signed on as the other. For example, when logging into your Uber driving app and driving your spouse’s car, you need to ensure that you are logging into YOUR account, and not your spouse’s account.

Uber passengers see a photo of the presented driver, and when a man pulls up instead of a woman, Uber may be notified and you both may lose your privilege and chance to make some extra money.