Karatgold Coin: One currency – Many Benefits

Stocks bring no return, the savings rates are at a low point and there are not many options that can make more of your personal financial resources. Since the ECB’s lax monetary policy and the almost daily crises in the economy and the financial market, the value of gold has again gained in importance. Investments in cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are also increasing steadily and are part of the investment portfolio of many investors. The Karatgold Coin is an alternative that you can use to take advantage of both options and benefit from the security of gold, as well as the flexibility of a cryptocurrency.

What is crypto-gold? A Karatgold Coin overview

In recent months, cryptocurrencies have steadily risen in price. Gold has also increased in value, proving once again that this precious metal is a stable and safe asset. With the Karatgold Coin, you benefit from the advantages of both investments. We wish to explain the various reasons for this in more detail below.

A Karatgold Coin is a hybrid of cryptocurrency and gold. Each coin is set against a certain gold weight so that the price trend is partly based on gold. While investment in Ethereum is largely speculative, as the cryptocurrency is primarily traded by speculators, a Karatgold Coin is also intended to serve as a universal and globally applicable means of payment. Invest now, secure the good rate during the market launch and be sure that the price increase will ensure maximum return and demonstrate its benefits to you.

Karatgold Coin can be:

  • Employed to exchange currencies or physical gold at any time and everywhere in central banks used as payment .
  • Transfer without charges in the real-time and conveyed to other people/acceptance points. 
  • Regarded as an investment independent of banking- and geopolitics regarded as a crisis-proof investment with value enhancement traded on many crypto-exchanges after the introductory phase (ICO). In principle, you have the certainty that a Karatgold Coin can never fall below the value of gold and show losses. Even if the orientation of the gold rate is not rigorously updated on a daily basis, this option offers you a high level of security within the framework of the investment.
  • What characterizes the Karatgold Coin?

    Its transferability is possible free of charge and any limit. After the introductory phase, in which a public direct purchase of the tokens is possible, you can trade a Karatgold Coin like other cryptocurrencies without giving up its gold value, to which it stands in direct relation. Thanks to the many acceptance points as well as the possibility of an exchange for gold or valid central bank currencies, you are always financially flexible. By its representing a certain gold value, you always know what value your investment in Karatgold Coins currently has. You benefit from the stability of value and the tendency to increase in price, which is already displaying a positive prognosis for the future. A decision between physical gold or investment in a cryptocurrency needs no longer be a consideration. This investment combines the best qualities of both investment resources and is therefore an option that will provide you an enormous market advantage.

    It is already evident that digital currencies will gain in importance in the future. Thanks to the wide-ranging possibilities with Karatgold Coins, you can take advantage of the security of a modern investment with enormous operational advantages.

    Karatgold Coin

    The Karatgold is collaterizing 10,000 tokens with 0.1g in the ICO phase. The goal is to achieve a coin value of 0.1g through an annual 20% profit distribution of the Karatgold Singapore and its subsidiary Karatpay. To achieve this, both the profits from the worldwide revenue of gold transaction fees from the subsidiary Karatpay, as well as from the worldwide sale of Cashgold, are incorporated. The 20% profit distribution will be immediately exchanged for gold and the coins thus upgraded.


    Karatgold is hybrid of cryptocurrency and gold which in today’s time is one of the safest, can be a universal and globally applicable means of payment and can never fall below the value of gold and has an advantage when it comes to the security of modern investment with enormous operational advantages. And with that, always remember that there’s always a risk on whatever you do and whatever you chose. The only question is, are you willing to take the risk?