Why Some Women Prefer Older Men (Money is Not The Reason)

Daniel Craig makes me weak in the knees. Scratch the word “weak.” My knees feel buttery when I see his blue eyes and stern face. Is it too much information for you? Well, suck it up. I have been attracted to our new James Bond for years…Years! He looks weathered, and at the same time he looks elegant. He looks mature. He looks exquisite. I am going to stop here because this post is not about Daniel Craig, or James Bond, or me or you. This post is about the reasons why women prefer older men.

Top Five Reasons Why Women Prefer Older Men (IMHO)

Not all women who prefer older men are gold diggers. However, I have noticed that most of us maintain this perception. In our society when you see a younger woman with an older man, most of us almost automatically assume that the woman is a gold digger. “She is with him for the money,” we think. This perception is absolutely wrong. It is not all about money. Let’s not be that narrow-minded. An older man can offer much more than a younger man (no offense, guys.)


Women want stability. Young men are flighty, they are silly, they might be fun but most of the time they don’t know what they want.


Young men are not as far along in their careers as older men. They might be on their way to success but they are not there yet.


I believe that wisdom comes with age. Young men are not worldly enough. I am not saying that young guys are idiots, I just think that they have not been educated enough. Not yet. After all, women tend to mature faster than most men.


Who doesn’t like it when your man opens the door in front of you, pulls your chair in a restaurant, makes sure you are comfortable in a hotel room. I, personally, like it when a man is chivalrous and gallant. Older men will not be texting, or tweeting or Facebooking during a date because none of that is important.


Women like men with power. Now, before you get all emotional and start spitting saliva into my face, let me clarify. By power, I do not mean “money.” Power in this particular context means wisdom. It means knowledge. It means depth. It means inner strength. It means confidence (do not confuse it with arrogance.)

To summarize all the above: women prefer mature men. I admit that I am biased.

23 thoughts on “Why Some Women Prefer Older Men (Money is Not The Reason)”

  1. I think Daniel Craig did a really good job in Skyfall. Those are great reasons why some women prefer to date older men. If a mature gentlemen had all 5 of those traits but didn’t have a lot of money I bet he would still be attractive to younger women :0) Just because stability can translate into a stable career with stable money, and success ultimately leads to more money, and wisdom can often be leveraged to obtain money, and manners can often lead to opportunities for more money, (just ask any server at a restaurant,) and power, which is synonymous for influence or authority can make it much easier to obtain more money, doesn’t mean money and a sense of financial security are what these women are looking for in a man. We should not be judging these women, especially the ones we don’t even know, and calling them gold diggers.

  2. I agree about Daniel Craig but he is fitter than fit for a man of his age (and dreamily sexy)!
    There are some exceptional older men but finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Older men tend to be less energetic and are prone to falling into couch potato mode. Wisdom? Not sure I’ve ever met a wise man (though there were 3 in the Bible.
    Stability….yes….success…no – I’m not keen on an over-achiever…I prefer easy-going moderate.
    Power – some men channel power into aggression and mental cruelty so that’s a no-no too.
    I’ll take manners but I want youth too!

    1. Interesting views. I’ve met older men who are NOT less energetic. It all depends on a lifestyle. 🙂

  3. As a guy, I can’t argue with this. But as a guy on the short side (5 foot 8 inches), it used to annoy me to no end when girls would only date ‘tall guys’. Even though I’ve been off the market for years and have no ties to this, the thought of it still bugs me! LOL.

  4. Good points! As an older male, I notice that I have become more attractive over the years because of many of those traits. I would add that all women want men who are confident and an older male is probably more confident than younger ones. I been told that women find confidence very sexy!

  5. I too agree. And why wouldn’t I since I’m an older (ahem … handsome) guy as well. That said however, ladies, just one word of advice: be cautious of those older guys who don’t know their limitations and are currently going through their “mid life” crisis. I believe their wives refer to them affectionately as horny old farts !!! 🙂

    1. LOL Good point, Rob! But let’s be honest, it is very easy to spot a man who is going through a mid-life crisis. It is just too obvious.

  6. Kathleen cracks me up! I agree with KC: older men are confident and they generally don’t care what you think as much…they’re not going to change their personality and begin sucking up (a trait many of my female friends find incredibly annoying).

  7. Daniel Craig isn’t too old! And all your points are right on the money. I do like Rob’s warning about being careful with the mid-life crisis guy. Hot and young sometimes takes too much energy.

  8. I have always dated older men, at least a bit older, sometimes way older. Confidence and independence are mainly the traits I am attracted too. Feeling like you go out with a teenager who still lives with, or worse, off mum and dad, doesn’t shave more than once a month and doesn’t own a shirt is a deal breaker. Oh, and the finances. Many young people don’t manage their money well, I need a man who is at least able to pay his rent and not living paycheck to paycheck.

  9. I think it really boils down to maturity. I’ve always dated older men because they were less likely to do stupid, immature things, make lame excuses (or need to make lame excuses), act out to impress their buddies, or think it was funny or cool to treat the women in their lives poorly. I’m dating a younger man for the first time ever (he’s 5 years younger than I am), but I’m at the age where younger than I am now is still older than the men I would have been dating in my 30s! 🙂

  10. Not a bad or good thing but I often think we aren’t as evolved as we, as humans would like to believe. All the reasons you listed – don’t they seem like really good reasons why to like a “breeding partner” if you were a simplier animal? Smart, capable, etc.

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