Why Restaurants Are Trusting Merchant Account Solutions

As a restaurant owner, you want to know that all of your services and options are up and running smoothly.

What does it take for your business to be operating successfully? Usually, you’d want to know that:

  • Your kitchen is well managed
  • Your servers are friendly and inviting and
  • That your credit card processing is ready to handle the load your business puts on it every day.

Okay, you might think that the last point is a stretch. But, with so many transactions and payments being made using credit cards, you need to be absolutely sure that your restaurant’s credit card processing is fully functional.

I went to a rustic restaurant the other day – “homecooked food” was their unique selling point. Lovely food, great ambiance. I felt as though I was back at Mom’s for dinner. Unfortunately, “homecooked” also implied that they didn’t accept credit cards. Without any cash on me, I was left in the embarrassing situation of having to assure the restaurant owner that I’d duck out to an ATM to draw cash and that she could trust me.

Garh! You can see why it’s so important to be able to accept credit cards now!

If you’re currently accepting cards or you’re in the market for a new company, take a look below at why so many restaurants just like yours are taking advantage of the Merchant Account Solutions  (MAS) options. In this article, I’ll talk about what Merchant Account Solutions offers and how they can help your customers avoid those embarrassing I-have-no-cash-on-me moments!


Talk about high tech! MAS offers tableside ordering with the LightSpeed processing system. This amazing all-in-one PC offers credit card processing services, employee management reporting services, and even accounting.

You can easily allow your customers to pay for their food at their table and allow your employees to put the orders in right there as well. This system makes it fast and easy to get the job done so you can focus on what matters, your clients.

Think of it like those iPad ordering systems you see in some of the more tech savvy and innovative restaurants these days.

Affordable Rates and Equipment

One concern that you might have is:

Surely there are some astronomical set up costs right? Nothing comes for free!

Ha, not so.

You can’t get more affordable than free, and MAS understands this. That’s why they offer a free credit card machine and free installation services, so that you can easily upgrade your restaurant processing without the hassle of upfront fees.

Not only that. You’ll also love the low-price guarantee and the price protection that offer. This allows you to confidently balance the budget each month with the knowledge of what your merchant services cost.

I know, you might be worried about what you should expect to pay for merchant services. Check out this article that provides some guidelines as to credit card and payment processing fees.

Other Benefits

Other advantages of using this MAS for your restaurant processing include items such as:

  • no contract,
  • knowledgeable and friendly customer staff on-hand when you need them, and
  • next day deposit services.

When you are trying to run your business, you need to know your funds from sells will be available as soon as possible.

While I’d recommend you shop around before settling with any one merchant services company, I hope that he benefits above would create no doubt in your mind as to why would you want to work with anyone other than MAS!