Why Map is Prime Focus of Housing.com

Housing.com is the world’s leading map based property search portal that simplifies all kinds of property transactions and whose influence is deeply visible in all segments of real estate including residential, industrial, and commercial as well as hospitality sector. The company has had special focus both on technology as well as acquisition in order to strengthen its market presence and to ensure better user experience. Over the last few months, Housing.com has acquired realty assessment firm, Realty BI and Indian Real Estate Forum (IREF) for a total acquisition cost of 3.2 million USD. Both of these acquirements have meant that the firm has further strengthened its position in the market and at the same time has given a clear message that it is in the market for long run.

While, the firm has consolidated its position as the leading realty web platform by expanding its reach to more than 100 cities, the core of its business has been map based. Here are some of the prominent reasons as to why ‘Map’ is the prime focus of Housing.com –

Home buying is not merely acquiring an asset

Housing as a company clearly realizes its responsibilities towards society. The firm knows that buying a house is not merely acquiring a shelter or building an asset for liquidating in future; it is more than that. People today want to know about their neighborhood, area and locality before moving in or buying any kind of real estate. This is important especially considering the fact that neighbors and area have a huge physiological impact in the long run. With map based tools and technology of Housing.com, users can not only explore the neighborhood but can also have detailed view on localities, sectors, zones and cities that are in demand with its ‘Price Heat Maps’ and can easily shortlist the areas that meet their expectations. As a result, users no longer have to depend on unverified property dealers in Gurgaon or other parts of the country.

Return on investments is important for realty investors

The other important reason as to why Housing.com has been so focused on map is because return on investment is really important in real estate dealings. The entity truly realizes that buying a property requires large capital investment and therefore optimum returns are important to keep the faith of investors in this sector intact. Housing has built a robust team of developers, coders, data scientists and invested heavily on other aspects of technology to make sure it offers services that are far superior and incomparable to some of the tasks done by real estate agents in Gurgaon and other tier 2 cites of India. It has therefore come up with an innovative map based tool called ‘Demand Supply Map’ that lets the users know the places that are in great demand across the country and enables them to zero down on the place they would want to invest in. This map also gives a clear vision of where the residents prefer to live and takes into account all aspects such as essential amenities, basic necessities, distance of commute and other critical features.