Using Capital One Investing to Build Wealth


Do you want to become rich? Everyone does, but it is much more practical and desirable to learn how to build wealth. Building wealth is a skill that can be built and nurtured, then passed down for generations by example and advice. That is more valuable for your descendants than a large inheritance that will corrupt their work ethic. Wealth building is possible through Capital One Investing.

What is Capital One Investing?

Capital One Investing is a retail online broker that is geared towards casual investors. Workers that have a 401K, but still would like to play around with some money in the market. Mid-market investors that have some money leftover from saving up on a paper route as a child or as a server in college. That is where the money that needs to keep going and earning goes. Into a nice, solid Sharebuilder account with Cap One.

Building wealth takes time. With a Sharebuilder account, you can schedule regular investments into a stock or fund every Tuesday and save on the cost of the individual trades. They will only cost $3.95 per trade if you commit to the Sharebuilder plan, which is a break from the regular $6.95 fee you would pay if you were making those trades whenever you want. The other benefit is automating your investing, which makes it hard to cheap out on it every time the bill comes up. When you pay yourself first, you end up in better shape than if you make sure to pay all the people around you first.

How Should You Invest?

A slow and steady approach to investing and wealth building is smart. People like Warren Buffett consistently tout that strategy as the best way to get ahead. His advice usually trends in the direction of folksy wisdom, but naysayers would be wrong to dismiss it out of hand. There is lots of value in looking to the long-term trends and building on those. Buffett recommends investing in your skills for your career and then putting any income gains into low-fee, top-flight funds that will outperform the market over the course of your career. For many lay people that is a sustainable way to build financial independence.

But you can also make it as a more aggressive trader if you have the right tools, the right education, and the right outlook. Day trading gets maligned as an undignified industry that pulls in easy marks without the ability to think for themselves. But those traders with the wherewithal to enter the market slowly and deliberately can land on a strategy that will pay off in profits over time. The key is to decide which broker or platform is right for your style of investing.

see more details on what factors should you consider before investing.

When it comes to Capital One Investing, you want to be a casual investor or a low-key, after-work type of investor to get the most out of the platform. Intense, high-frequency traders are not going to like the Cap One interface or suite of securities that they are trading. 


So, do you really want to be rich? The true answer to that depends on how and what risks are you willing to take. Are you willing to take it slow and steady like what Warren Buffett did, or choose the aggressive way by using your resources?