Top 10 Mutual Funds to Invest in 2016


Steps to build noteworthy wealth overtime:

  1. Carefully study individual stocks
  2. Identify the most promising ones
  3. Invest at the time they are undervalued
  4. Hang on for a few years
  5. Keep up with the progress regularly
  6. Hang on for a little more time

While this may seem a little tedious or a tall order for most people, there is providentially an easier and hassle free route to the riches – THE MUTUAL FUNDS.

Mutual funds are operated by top money managers. They do all the tiresome work of research and decision making for you and invest the fund’s capital to produce capital gains and interest. Mutual funds not only offer attractive characteristics to investors but also give the benefits of diversification for a conveniently low cost.

In a report by Investment company institute (ICI), there were more than 9,000 mutual funds out there by the time the year of 2014 rolled off. Finding investment bankers who perform consistently time and again is no easy task however finding the right manager for your money can give you generous payback. You possibly will recognize that low-cost diversified index funds may be the best option when searching for a broad market exposure. So, how do you recognize and catch the real big fish instead of the smaller ones?

The funds offer you coverage of big chunks of both the US and foreign stock markets, these may be used for the core part of the portfolio that the investor holds for years to come or as supplement to core holdings. Without further ado, we bring to you a list of top ten options to help you narrow down the search for mutual fund investment. The list includes index funds or EFTs that mirror market benchmarks. We have also provided a one-decision option that provides a broad diversification of stocks and bonds in a single fund. There are also certain custom funds that can complement your core holdings or may help you diversify more broadly. You may find that all the funds are low cost to provide you the best shot at returns.

Mutual Fund Analysis