The Most Reliable Dental Insurance Companies


All dental insurance is not created equal, and it’s a good idea to shop around a bit before settling on a particular dental insurance company, getting locked into a plan that you may have to keep for the next year. Many individuals and families simply sign up for the dental insurance offered by their employer, and while this is a solid choice, the dental coverage offered by your job may not always be the best company for your needs. Based on consumer advocacy groups and user reviews, let’s take a look at several dental insurance companies that provide the best services, but also at the most affordable rates.

Delta Dental

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, dental insurance provider, Delta Dental is always rated in the top 5 providers time and time again. This is partly because it has over 145,000 dentists with over 290,000 office locations within its networks. Having so many in-network dentists ensures that you always get care when you need it the most. All of the claims that Delta Dental processed in the year 2012 had an accuracy rate of 99.7 percent. What does this mean for you? Dealing with this company is relatively headache- and hassle-free. When comparing plans, Delta Dental often had the lowest monthly premium rate, making it a top choice for both individuals and families.

Guardian Dental

Another highly rated dental insurance company, Guardian Dental also offers many in-network providers, with over 83,00 dentists within its networks. An accuracy rate for claims processing stands at 99 percent, ensuring that your claims get processed accurately with no hassles. When it comes to monthly premiums, Guardian Dental rivals Delta Dental for the lowest monthly premiums and payments. Guardian also offers a 30 percent discount on certain services, making them a top choice for many.

Cigna Dental

While Cigna has less in-network providers and locations, other benefits offered by this company make it a top choice. Cigna dental insurance does not require you to choose a primary dentist, and also no referrals are ever needed for specialist care. This means if you have a tooth problem that cannot be fixed by your regular dentist, you can easily see a specialist without paying an excessive amount. With Cigna, there is no claims submissions process. All claims are submitted by the dentist offices, taking the responsibility out of your hands.


Humana rivals both Delta Dental and Guardian when it comes to low monthly premiums. Another benefit of choosing Humana is the access to easy online quotes. If you need special services or want to try out another dentist, you can decide after using Humana’s online web portal. Also, with Humana, there is no waiting period on discounted services.

 The Bottom Line

 All of the top dental insurance companies offer different things. If low monthly premiums are most important to you, Delta Dental is your best option. However, if you love the convenience of no-hassle insurance, Cigna is the perfect choice. All four of the above-mentioned companies provide excellent services, so it’s up to you to decide which offers the best insurance for your family’s needs.