The effect DWI has on your Finances

When people think about DWIs (or DUIs), they usually think about injuries and jail time. Those are, of course, important things to consider. But the results of such a charge aren’t just contained in such things. You also need to think about the effects the charge will have on your personal finances.



Future prospects

It’s not true that being arrested for drinking and driving will ruin your future. This is often claimed in adverts that try to get people to not drink and drive. Obviously, I’m not trying to work against such adverts. But they do tend to exaggerate just how much a conviction here will affect your future career prospects. That being said, some businesses simply won’t hire someone who has been convicted of such a charge. There are a lot of important public and executive positions that won’t hire someone if they have a DWI. You could argue that this is unfair. You may be right. But those are the facts, I’m afraid. And if that job you would otherwise qualify for had a large paycheck, then you’ve just lost out big time.



Attorney fees

You’ve probably heard people complain about legal fees before. Well, court time has never been cheap for anyone. Unfortunately for you, such a charge will likely see you in a courtroom. Attorneys aren’t cheap. If the charge is a misdemeanor, the price could be reasonable. But if you’re charged with a felony, then you’ll be facing some scary fees. Of course, none of this means that you shouldn’t be seeking legal help when you’re faced with such a charge. On the contrary, it’s extremely important that you get a defense attorney in such a scenario. You just have to make sure you get one with a good track record who will actually be worth the money! This is why you need to make sure you get the best DWI defense. Though it will cost you, getting an incompetent lawyer could end up costing you more.



Treatment and education

When you’ve been convicted of driving while under the influence, you may not necessarily face jail. In fact, you may not even be charged a large fine. (Although, I will admit, it’s very likely that you’ll be handed a heavy fine!) However, in pretty much all cases, you’ll have to enter some sort of program. You could be sent to a rehab facility for addiction treatment and therapy, even if you’re not an alcoholic. You could have to attend classes on alcohol.

These things often seem “light” when compared to big fines and jail time. But that’s not to say they don’t cost. Treatment and education aren’t free, after all. The courts aren’t going to be footing the bill for this stuff: it’s all down to you! Each session could end up costing hundreds of dollars. You also need to consider the costs of transportation to each session. After all, there’s no guarantee that the facility will be within walking distance!