The Comeback

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I’ve been here before: I blogged about personal finance, I networked, I participated in the Yakezie challenge and then I left. A few weeks later I tried to come back but life took over, and I left again. If you are reading this and you remember me (hopefully, you do), you are, probably, thinking Here she is again! If you are a new reader, you probably are thinking What the Hell is she talking about? In that case, keep on reading and maybe it will all make sense at the end.

I have to admit that ever since I left the personal finance blogosphere almost eight months ago, I kept looking back, thinking about how much I miss talking to my blogger friends, and being a part of the PF blogging community. It became apparent to me that blogging became a big part of my life and when it was gone, an empty space was created in my life.

I am not going to explain or justify my reasons for abandoning blogging. But I want to tell you, my readers, this: I am glad to be back and I am looking forward to start from a clean slate. From time to time I even wonder if I have this unexplainable urge to challenge myself to build a project from zero, develop it into something good, and then desert it… and later on start from the beginning again. It sounds odd even to myself but I do wonder sometime.

Before I decided to come back to Yakezie and personal finance, I posted a question on Yakezie forums if I would be accepted back into the challenge. After I pushed a “post” button, I was not just nervous, I was afraid. People tend to be afraid of the unknown. Would I be accepted back? Would my question be ignored? Would I get some angry replies?

None of this happened. Instead I got the warmest welcome ever! It was not just encouraging. It was inspiring. Yet again it proved how welcoming, caring and supportive Yakezie community is. Guys, you rock!

Without any further ado I am declaring that I am joining the Yakezie challenge. Here is the short recap for those who do not know what it is all about:

– Yakezie is the largest personal finance and lifestyle blog network that exists on the web.

– The 6-months Yakezie Challenge requires active participation in the Yakezie community by promoting, supporting and helping others to improve their Alexa rank while improving your own. Networking and building relationships is the best part of the challenge!

– The goal of the challenge is to reach Alexa rank of 200K, 150K, or 100K at the end of six months. My current Alexa ranking is 2,461,974.

Are you with me? I hope you are.

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