The Best Moments of My Broken Coin in 2012

This blog was created in 2011. Today, 172 posts and 3,215 comments later, I should admit that a year of blogging was not bad. I am a person who gets very excited about new projects, and usually I dive into new challenges with everything I have. My Broken Coin was no exception. I wrote and commented like crazy, and even managed to write guest posts. You know, all that right stuff you are supposed to do when you start a blog.

Those of you who are still reading me after all the ups and downs of this blog, I owe you a huge THANK YOU.

Best Moment: February

One Sunday afternoon I was de-cluttering our small condo. While doing so, I came up with an idea for a post (because I am looking for post ideas everywhere, especially lately.) I wrote a short post How Do Not Lists Can Save You a Buck. It was quite popular among the PF community bloggers for a short time. Then, out of the blue, Lifehacker picked it up, and my short post travelled quite a bit around the net. In fact, I am still, almost a year later, get traffic from Lifehacker.

Best Moment: March

The biggest hit of 2012 was without a doubt the posts about my mother. If you are new here and missed the greatest hit of this blog, make sure to start from the very beginning and read My Mother Was a Mail Order Bride. If after reading this, you want to hear my interview and podcast about this story, check it out here.

Best Moment: July

My shopping addiction was, for some unexplainable reason, a hot topic this summer. It was hot, not with personal finance bloggers, or anyone else who knows me personally, but with TV talk shows. The crazy roller coaster of never ending phone interviews with different talk shows continued through the summer and ended in October. You can read about this craziness in my post How My Shopping Addiction Almost Made Me a TV Star.

This is it. I am going to write more in 2013 (one of the promises to myself that I intend to keep.) I am looking forward to the new year of blogging, and keep wondering what next year will bring upon my little blog. Happy New Year, Everyone!

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