The 17th Yakezie Blog Swap Roundup

Welcome to the 17th Yakezie Blog Swap. This time my fellow bloggers and I shared our Best Budget Travel Tips. As always, I was amazed at what people came up with and shared. Please check out the different tips below on how you too can save money while travelling:

One Cent at A Time shares with us 8 Green Travel Tips at Sustainable Life Blog.

Pinch That Penny talks about Saving on Travelling and Having Fun Getting There at Odd Cents.

Meal Plan Rescue tells us to Eat Local, Wherever You Are at The Frugal Toad.

Narrow Bridge Finance discusses How I Eat Locally Everywhere.

Thirty Six Months shares The Best Budget Travel Tip I’ve Ever Learned at Good Cents Savings.

Sustainable Life Blog says The Best Travel Advice I Ever Received, Walk at One Cent at A Time.

Daily Money Shot share The Best Travel Secret Ever? Off-Peak Travel at My Broken Coin.

My Broken Coin tells us to Be food wise when traveling at Daily Money Shot.

Money Q & A urges us to head to the grocery store to save money at Bucksome Boomer.

Married (with Debt) advises to connect with people who actually live in your destination at Simple island Living.

Simple Island Living encourages us to not be scared of the of the words “fine dining” at Married (with Debt.)

Bucksome Boomer explains some good Strategies To Stretch The Travel Budget at Money Q & A.

Good Cents Savings shares her Best Budget Tip I Ever Learned For Travelling With Kids at Thirty Six Months.

The Frugal Toad discusses not one but several Budget Travel Tips at Meal Plan Rescue.

Odd Cents says that The Best Budget Travel Tip I’ve Ever Learned – Compare Everything at Pinch That Penny.








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