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Ten Things You Gain When You Stop Being Cheap

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Reason. Yes, you gain reason. You simply stop thinking that you can get a lot of stuff for free. You stop asking to pay $15 for a five star service. You stop insulting people who ask you to pay for their service and deliver ten times more.

Understanding. You stop caring about the price that you going to pay. Instead, you suddenly start to understand the meaning of value of a product or a service. The more you care about something, the more you are willing to spend. Your understanding of things becomes clear.

Consideration. You stop mooching off people. When you go out with your friends, you stop hoping for them to pay for your drinks or your share of the tip. You, in fact, start paying for your own meals.

Friends. People actually start to like you.

Peace of mind. You stop comparing what your friends have and you do not. You stop running a tab on your family members and their vacations. You finally can sleep at night. You forget what anxiety means.

Appreciation for time. You stop driving around for hours, trying to find cheap gas. You stop standing in lines in front of Chick-fil-A in order to get a free chicken sandwich for a year. In other words, you stop wasting time in order to save a buck or two. Instead, you take your kids sledding.

Quality. You stop hanging on to the junk you’ve stored for years in your garage, and instead you de-clutter, clean and let junk go. Your life becomes more about quality and less about quantity.

Long-term thinking. You stop paying for things that are cheap. You start thinking about future re-selling value and what it means to you. You change you life. You change your thinking. You change yourself.

Generosity. You share. You donate. You volunteer. You contribute.

Respect. People start to think that you have finally got your shit together. And indeed you have.

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