Tax Time Worries:  3 Reasons You Should Let a Professional Handle Serious Tax Concerns

Because of the many software programs and online tax prep applications available today, many people today regularly file their own tax returns rather than seek professional assistance from an accountant. Some people have very simple returns, such as if you only have one W2 and no other relevant information that needs to be reported on a tax return. However, other people have much more complicated tax returns or are facing a hefty tax bill. In these situations, it is beneficial to reach out to a professional who can guide you through any challenges or concerns that you are dealing with. These are some of the primary reasons why you should consider hiring a professional for help with different types of tax situations.

Save Time and Reduce Stress

In order to avoid unnecessary penalties or fines, your tax return must be accurately prepared, and it must be filed on time. Complex tax returns can be challenging and time-consuming to prepare because of uncertainty with how to handle some situations. The IRS website may offer some guidance, but you may still struggle to find accurate answers to some of your concerns. An accountant may assist with the preparation and filing of your tax return. You may also need to get help with your tax return if the IRS has contacted you about an audit or another serious type of tax situation. A tax attorney may help you to understand your rights, and he or she may guide you through negotiations and responses so that you stay out of the legal hot water with the IRS.

Minimize Your Tax Burden

Even when you do your best to reduce your tax burden by taking strategic steps throughout the year, there is always a chance that you may owe a sizable amount of money in taxes at the end of the year. Many people, unfortunately, pay the IRS more money than they need to because they failed to maximize deductions and credits. In some cases, their lack of knowledge results in hundreds or even thousands of dollars in extra taxes being paid to the IRS. When you let a knowledgeable professional prepare and file your tax return each year and handle any issues that crop up, you can rest assured that your tax liability will be as low as possible.

Reduce or Eliminate Tax Penalties

There are many factors that can result in being charged an expensive tax penalty. For example, you may file your tax return late because you failed to complete it on time. You may be fined for underpayment if the IRS catches an error that you made. If you need to pay a huge tax bill in installments, you may be required to pay a penalty fee and interest charges. These are only a few of the many ways that tax penalties can cost you a fortune. Some people pay multiple types of penalties in a year that could equate to hundreds or thousands of dollars. If you are dealing with tax penalties, there is a chance that they could be reduced or eliminated. Professionals understand tax laws and codes, and they know about possibilities for exceptions and waivers that may apply to your situation.

While it may make sense to file your own tax return online or through a software program if it is a very simple tax return, there are instances when letting a live professional deal with your tax issues is a preferred option. If you are dealing with at of these situations or if you have other serious, confusing or complex situations, consulting with a tax professional as soon as possible is a smart idea.