Sunday Reading Salon and Blog Update

If you are like me, then on Sunday morning you drink your morning coffee and browse through PF blogs. If you are like me, you are using Sunday to catch up with reading and networking. These are some great articles I stumbled upon (in no particular order):

Debt Free by Thirty is getting out of a credit card debt and talks about it in her post Being Responsible with A Credit Card. Everyone should read this!

Yes, I am Cheap is asking everyone What’s Your Plan B? I really don’t have one. Do you?

20’s Finances contemplates Extra Income: What Would You Do With It? If you are my reader, you probably know what I would do with the extra income. Shopping ,of course.

Buck Inspire talks about his adventures at the Blog World Conference. Want to know what did Problogger do when he met Buck? Read ProBlogger Meets Buck Inspire BWELA.

Maybe One Cent At a Time was drinking while writing his post. Maybe he was trying to trick us into sinning. Financially that is. Personally I think he was having fun when he posted Get Into Debt Now, Before Time Runs Out. Make sure to read between the lines, people!

Retire By 40 proclaims that Economic Inequality is Bad for Your Health. What is your opinion?  

My biggest fear is of someone stealing my identity. The Frugal Toad is asking Are Your Finances Prepeared for Cyber Attack? A must read!

The Money Principle discusses her frustrations with banks in her post Move Your Money Day.

Blog carnivals:

Sustainable Personal Finance hosted Carnival of Personal Finance #333 and featured my post Why My Coin is Broken.

October Blog Update

Please bare in mind that My Broken Coin is only 19 days old. We went live on October 24, 2011 with the best welcome ever. Thank you all for making it so easy!

I decided to set up some blogging goals for myself to keep myself accountable for my actions. I’ve never done this before but being back third time (and we all know that third time is a charm), I need some goals.

Unique Visitors: October – 98;  November’s Target – 750

Pageviews: October -521; November’s Target – 1500

Alexa rank as of today 582,944; November’s Target – 200,000

Facebook Fans as of today – 24; November’s Target – 35

Twitter Followers as of today -57; November’s Target -125

MozRank as of today is a big fat 0; November’s Target – 1

Subscribers as of today – 4, November’s target – 20. My dear readers, if you are a returning visitor who keeps coming back (and I know who you are!) or if you are a new visitor who is totally in love with My Broken Coin, please subscribe!

Top Ten Reffering Sites:

1. Yakezie

2. Financial Samurai 

3. Buck Inspire

4. Budgeting In The Fun Stuff

5. Facebook

6. Retire By 40

7. Twitter

8. 20s Finances

9. Sustainable Personal Finance

10. Mom’s Plans

Thank you all! You made my first 19 days of blogging much easier than I thought it will be!








9 thoughts on “Sunday Reading Salon and Blog Update”

  1. Gosh! 15 days and 1500 page views! You are killing Aloysa. I predict in next 20 days you’d fall below 200K in Alexa.Keep it up and thanks for including me.

    No, I wasn’t drinking while writing that piece. In last couple of days main stream media picked up that piece and giving me all kind of back links and visitors.

    1. LOL You need another cup of coffee SB! You’ve read it all wrong. My goal for November is 1500. I had only a little more than 500 pageviews in 15 days. I am not killing anything. Yet!

  2. The end of November is going to come and you are going to realize that your goals were too small. You will crush those figures in no time. Glad to be getting to know you. Thanks for the mention.

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