Sunday Reading Salon

‘Tis time to READ

101 Centavos contemplates my favorite topic Why Are Europeans So Skinny? Let’s see: they move more, they eat less, food is better and not processed. I have to admit, he got it all right.

Wisdomona discusses Conscious spending – my judgement. Her statement that we spend because we feel made me wonder about psychology of spending. A must read!

The Financial Blogger explain quite eloquently What Can Be Done in 6 Hours. If you, like me, feel that 24 hours a day is not enough; if you, like me, suspect that some people have more than 24 hours a day, then make sure to read TFB post. He will make it all clear for you.

Making Sense of Cents breaks down Investing for Beginners. A must read for those who are thinking about investing and don’t know where to begin.

The Dog Ate My Wallet wrote an excellent article A Dozen Money Saving Tips for Gamers. Don’t rush to judge just by the title. Read it and see for yourself that some tips can be applied to non-gamers.

So Over Debt gives us a very inspirational, touching and very human Update: Operation Rebuild Credit. It is a must read!

Well Heeled Blog talks about Our $7,000 Southern California Wedding: The Budget Recap. If you think that weddings cost a lot, think twice. You can have a great wedding for 7K!

Money After Graduation presents her usual Saturday Personal Finance GIFs: Bridget goes to Europe Part 1. It will make your day, I promise!

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff talks about jury duty and admits that Jury Duty is Poopy. When I had mine, I was thrilled. I wanted to serve, I wanted to be a part of this process. It did not work out though. I was not selected as a juror. Crystal, however, had quite a different experience. A fun, good read!

Frugal Portland has a New Plan: Save Half my Income. Can you do it? I want to but I can’t. Not yet!

From Shopping to Saving hits it soooo close to home with The “No One Cares What You Wear” Experiment. If you are a woman, you have to read this!

Must read posts of the week:

Have you read my In Defense of Gold Diggers post? Then you must read Tie the Knot response to it Avoiding Gold Diggers Who Marry Primarily For Money

Financial Samurai says it all in The Irresponsibility Of Borrowing Money To Borrow More Money. I was one of those who borrowed money just to get more money. And then borrowed some more. Sam’s post reminded me of who I was and who I’ve become. It is a truly great read!

Wisdomona confesses that It started with a kiss… descent into debt. Love can bring happiness. Love can bring heartbreak. Love can put you into debt.


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