Sunday Reading Salon

I haven’t reviewed some of the great posts in a while. So, what’s new out there? Get yourself a cup of coffee, and let’s read.

American Debt Project introduces the eBay Series: The eBay Series: Successful eBay Customer Service. Don’t miss it!

101 Centavos is resurrecting some of his dormant posts. I highly recommend Career Tips For Young Folks.

20s Finances is talking about Commuting to Work by Bike to Save Money. Let’s wish him good luck with this endeavor.

Daily Money Shot is explaining Why we’ll never be a 1 car family.

Retire By 40 might be taking an early retirement soon. There is no surprise that he is pre-occupied with Healthcare Options for Early Retirees and the Self Employed.

See Debt Run discusses Should We Buy A Dog? (The Conclusion) I am linking to the second part. Make sure to read the first one!

When Life Gives You Lemons posed a very interesting question Are Bloggers Really Writers? What do you think?

Must read posts of the week:

Musings of an Abstract Aucklander says it all in On authenticity in blogging. Why do you comment on other blogs? What blogs do you read and why? Are you honest with yourself? Head over and read it!

Financial Samurai is admitting that he is Longing To Take A Break But My Conscience Won’t Allow. It seems that Sam has arrived at a point in his life when he needs a change, a new direction, a new challenge. I wish him all the best, and I am interested to see where this takes him.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Reading Salon”

  1. I’m interested as well. Somehow, I don’t think much will change except for more choices to make down the road!

    I should have decided on a longer sabbatical, where income is reduced to get a real taste of what not having money feels like. Or less that is.

  2. Are bloggers writers?

    Well to be a “writer” means you “write”. Bloggers “write” therefore they are “writers”. I think tons of people are jealous of bloggers because they’re taking the attention away from supposed “real writers”, whatever that means.

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