Reading Salon: Pre-Christmas Edition

Starting today, I am taking a short vacation from writing and blogging. I will be back in full force next Wednesday, December 28. I will share my achievements and failures with you, and give a short review of 2011. Also I will set goals for 2012. I never set any goals or resolutions. This is my first year when I am going to do it. I am, in fact, excited!  

December is one of my favorite months of the year due to one fact: I get to spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I hope you are enjoying this time of the year as well.

Happy Holidays! 


Best articles in my reading salon:

Retire By40 suggests to Consider Co-Housing For Retirement. I don’t think co-habiting is for me. I might be quite a bitchy neigbour if you are too loud, not clean enough or have to many guests all the time. I can be difficult.

Newlyweds On a Budget inspired me with her 12 Goals For 2012. I want to set my own goals for the next year. I never had any resolution before, can you believe it?

One Cent At a Time speaks about How Use of Alternate Energy Can Save Money. Solar panels are not cheap. However we all should think about long-term benefits.

Buck Inspire continues to inspire bloggers around the web to do a podcast. His podcasts are great. If you have not heard any of them yet, head over to Buck’s site and listen to BI 003: HMO vs PPO.

The Debt Myth reveals The Truth About Cutting Years Off Your Debt Payment Plan. Whatever method you use, just get rid of that debt. But it is easier said than done.  

101 Centavos reported on his trip (almost) Live from Sao Paulo – random notes. I agree with him, as long as you arrive to your destiantion alive, who cares that american air carriers suck.

Young and Thrifty contemplates How to Rent our Your Basement Suite: Part I. I would not be able to let anyone I don’t know to stay and live in my house. What about you?

Debt Free by Thirty amazed me with Thirty. If you want to get to know Nikki better, it is a must read post. One of my favorite this week!

Minting Nickels shares Lessons from Holidays Past. She is taking a break from blogging for a few weeks. She will be back soon and I am looking forward to see what she planned for the next year.

The College Investor explains How No Cost Refinances Work. Great article with detailed examples and calculations. A must read!

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    1. I am excited to put some goals together. The process makes you wonder what is it that you want next year, you know… What is important…. 😉

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