Reading Salon, December Posts and Traffic

The list below shows my favorite articles that I stumbled upon (in no particular order):

I am seriously contemplating to join Newlyweds on a Budget proposed The 10 Pound Challenge: Are you in? First, she offers great prizes. Second, I would love to lose 10 lbs. However, I like to eat and I don’t like dieting. I am still thinking…

I think American Debt Project wrote her post How to Reign In Impulsive Behavior specifically dedicated to shopping enthusiasts like me.

After reading the above mentioned article, I head over to So Over Debt and read post How to Stop Buying on Impulse. Immediately my ego imagines that there is a new movement in blogging called “Help Aloysa to Stop Spending.” I wish, right?

Retire By 40 updates us with Retire By 40 Net Worth VS S&P 500. He is doing great! Go and see it for yourself.

Minting Nickels admits to having two emergency funds in Double the Funds, Double the Fun. I don’t have any!

I follow 20’s Finances and Corey’s income reports. His December 2011 Goals and Income Report provides a great insight into his blog and his blogging goals.

Your Finances Simplified sparks a great discussion with If You Want Your Child To Be Successful, Don’t Do This! 

Yes, I am Cheap says We’re Gonna Rock 2012. I agree!

Top Five Posts in December (by page views):

1. Battling Shopping Addiction: Conquering Thrift Stores and Failing

2. Under Beaker’s Microscope: Why I Let My Wife Shop

3. Is Hoarding The New Frugal?

4. Five Things Everyone Should Know About Twitter

5. Honestly, Why Do You Blog?

Top Ten Sites That Sent Traffic My Way in December:

1. Young and Thrifty (new!)

2. Yakezie (down from #1)

3. Newlyweds on a Budget (new!)

4. Retire By 40 (up from #5)

5. Twitter (up from #7)

6. One Cent At a Time (down from #3)

7. Google (new!)

8. The Dog Ate My Wallet (up from #9)

9. Financial Samurai  (down from #6)

10. Buck Inspire (new!)

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