Reading Salon and March Blog Update

March was an amazing month. A lot of great things happened to my blog. A lot of great articles surfaced in the blogosphere. Let’s read first!

Reading Salon: Favoritism Edition

I am going to be really selfish this time and recommend some of my favorites. Why? Because they rock, they inspire, they provoke, and they simply are amazing. Don’t take it personally if you don’t see yourself listed. You are still my favorite. I simply run out of time.

American Debt Project talks about Blogging History X: What Every Blogger Needs to Know. If you are into blogging, it is a must read.

101 Centavos is his usual funny and snarky, and smart. Oh, and he is talking A Labor Shortage? Surely You Can’t be Serious…

Curiosity Killed the Blog explains to bloggers SEO 101: Why Your Blog Needs SEO.

Retire By 40 states that Passive Income will lead to Financial Independence AND posts a picture of his son.  No time to read? At least go and check out that picture. Baby RB40 is adorable!

See Debt Run cracked me up with Superstition Ain’t The Way…Or Is It? I learned about this superstition in Lithuania last September. From my grandmother. 

Ever looked for a job? Then head over to So Over Debt who talks about about 10 Things I Hate About Looking for Jobs.

The Dog Ate My Wallet needs a break from some serious staff. Who doesn’t, right? Well, read her great post My Very First Time and you will get that break.

From time to time Sandy who runs Yes, I am Cheap writes a headline that takes your breath away. How about this one: Nine Tax Deductions That Prostitutes Can Claim.

Musings of an Abstract Aucklander says it all in Personal finance topics I’m so over.

Financial Samurai never disappoints me. If you want a really thought-provoking read, head over to When Is It Time To Give Up And Admit Defeat?

A must read of the week is at Daily Money Shot. Head over there right now and read Take a stand against bullying.

Money Beagle discusses Did Condos Get Hit Harder Than Houses In The Downturn? Yes, I believe so!

March Blog Update

In March I was featured on Lifehacker. My post How Do Not Need List Can Save You a Buck that I wrote way back in January got picked up, and brought some great traffic. Overall March was not bad at all!

Top Five Posts in February

1. How Do Not Need List Can Save You a Buck

2. My Mother was a Mail-Order Bride

3. Some Jobs Pay More Than You Think

4. 2o Things Bloggers Should Stop Doing

5. The Cost of Being a Mail-Order Bride

6. If Only We Could Stop Eating

7. Debt is All Around Us and It’s Accruing Interest 

8. Do You Know Why You Spend Money?

9. A Retailer’s Worst Nightmare

10. My Mother was a Mail-Order Bride: The American

Top Ten Sites That Sent Traffic My Way

1.  Lifehacker

2. Twitter (up from #6)

3. Google (down from #2)

4. Yakezie (up from #5)

5. Facebook (new!)

6. Get Rich Slowly (down from #1)

7.  So Over Debt (down from #5)

8. Young and Thrifty ( up from #9)

9. Daily Money Shot (down from #8)

10. Cents To Save (down from #4)

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  1. Thanks for including me in your round-up! Yeehaw! I am honored to be one of your favorites, as you are one of ours for sure!!

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