Reading Salon and January Blog Updates

The cold I had all week long (and I still have some residue!) landed me home, in bed, and allowed me to browse personal finance blogs more than usual. What else is there to do when you are sick, in bed, and have a lot of time on your hands? Writing requires thinking, and I was not up to any thinking last week. So, I read!

Reading Salon

Having trouble with keeping up with your grocery list? Good Cents Savings will help you, recommending 3 Ways To Manage Your Grocery List.

The Dog Ate My Wallet is always a good read. This time she talks about My Brother’s New Venture. I stayed in hostels before, so I can relate. I wish Erin’s brother all the best with his new venture!

Sometimes I think I don’t spend my blogging time efficiently. Too many distractions! If you have the same problem, then I recommend reading American Debt Project Spend Your Blogging Time Efficiently: Learning from the Pros.

Daily Money Shot wrote a very touching post In memory of my Nanny: Carrying on a legacy.  Read it and find out about a legacy that was left behind.

I am a little bit of an organic food freak. So, of course, I enjoyed Prairie Eco-Thrifter’s Learning How to Eat Sustainably.

Do you have a budget? If not, The Debt Myth gives us The Lazy Person’s Guide to Creating a Budget.

I love reading about money and relationships. And dating. And a bar scene. Probably because I have been out of the loop for many years now. Young and Thrifty wrote one hell of a post about all of it Ladies, Men are Not ALWAYS Trying to Get Into Your Pants.

Sense to Save presents Our playroom and office, updated (and their Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday), and posted some pictures of her office. In fact, those pictures gave me some great ideas for my future office!

Retire by 40 contemplates Where Should I Stash $50,000? I wish I could have the same problem!

Money Cone stirs up some emotions and brings up excellent discussion points in Suze Orman’s Approved Prepaid Card – Bad Wine In New Bottle. A truly must read!

One Cent at a Time complains about not making much money from his blog in his post  7 Reasons Behind My Low Blog Earning. His post made me wonder (AGAIN) what keeps bloggers going. Money? Readers? Recognition?

January Blog Update

I don’t like statistics when it comes to blogging because blog statistics and I never had a good relationship. It was always intense, stressful and disappointing. However, My Broken Coin keeps surprising in a way that none of my other blogs ever did. I would love to share some of those surprises with you (yes, I would like to boast!):

Unique Visitors Count increased by 58%

Pageviews increased by 47%

Twitter Followers increased by 53%

RSS Subscriptions increased by 59% 

Email Subscriptions insreased by 42%

Can you believe it?

Top Five Posts in January

1. Stop Being Cheap and Invest in Yourself

2. How to Sprint Successfully Towards Your Financial Goals

3. Live a Little: Have A Latte

4. 39 Things You Don’t Know About Me

5. Would You Date a Guy From a Trailer Park?

Top Ten Sites That Sent Traffic My Way

1. Young and Thrifty ( #1 two months in a row)

2. Yakezie (#2 two months in a row)

3. Buck Inspire (up from #10)

4. Google (up from #7)

5. One Cent At a Time (up from #6)

6.  Consumerism Commentary (new! Thank you to Flexo who let me to guest post!)

7.  Retire By 40 (down from #7)

8. Len Penzo (new!)

9. Twitter (down from #5)

10. The Dog Ate My Wallet (down from #8)







17 thoughts on “Reading Salon and January Blog Updates”

  1. Great reading list there! I missed a couple of those and they turned out to be quite good. And congrats on the awsome results! It seems amazing that you are still seeing such huge increases in traffic at your already elevated level. I think you certainly deserve to boast! Now if you could just share those secrets with the rest of us… 🙂

  2. Wow you just introduced me to a bunch of great new blogs! I didn’t even know about half of these; looks like I have some reading to do. Thanks!

  3. Congrats on the phenomenal growth. I am amazed seeing that CC with your guest post failed to give as much traffic to you as my blog did 🙂

    Aloysa, I was not complaining I was doing retrospective. Thanks for links.

    1. The traffic from the CC was coming at a pretty good rate in the first few days after my post went live. And then it diminished.
      Thank YOU for sending all that traffic my way. 🙂
      I realize you were not complaining but it did sound a little bit like it to me. 🙂 And yes, I agree it was more of observations in retrospect.

  4. Lisa @ Cents To Save

    Glad your blog is growing! I love the round- up you provided. I need to look at my blog numbers and see what the growth actually is 🙂

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