The following is a guest post. We’ve all heard how we need to spend within our means. Don’t you hate it when people tell you that? It’s easier said than done, with credit so easy to get. The reality is that I let my wants take over and it ended up costing me much more…

I have a lot of good articles and exciting blog news to share with you, so without any further ado I proceed to Reading Salon Your Finances Simplified is asking a very important question Hiring A Financial Planner? 5 Good Reasons Why You Should. So Over Debt amazes us not only with her writing ability… (14 comments)

It is called buyer’s remorse, and it used to be my best friend for many years. Are you familiar with the feeling that slowly turns from euphoria into a queasy sensation of concern, guilt and self-doubt? Do you hear a haunting voice in your head that says “Why did you buy that? You act like… (26 comments)

I never thought about feminism as a movement or even as a word till the year I moved to the U.S. In 2000 a clueless me joined the Women’s Studies program because I won a scholarship. Back then I did not know that Women’s Studies was not the most popular program at the university, and… (37 comments)

Do you have a personal mission statement? How about a financial mission statement? I have neither of these. I do know, somewhat vaguely, what my life’s journey is supposedly all about. But my financial destination is not clearly defined. Theoretically my life is a journey to my debt free future, hopefully comfortable and financially secure… (30 comments)