Most Overlooked Factors When Leasing an Office Space

Renting a business location without proper planning can lead business owners to end up renting the wrong workspace. They may rent a workspace that is not fit for their growing business or come across one that is above market price. Whatever the case is, the company will always be at the losing end should the owner fails to find a suitable office space at the right price.

If you’re one of these business owners, you might be wondering how you can effectively search for the right office space for lease San Jose. While there is no one quick fix toward this end, you may want to consider the following factors when you are planning your move:


Even if you are uncomfortable thinking about the end of your lease when you haven’t signed the agreement yet, you must do so. Given the current condition of your company and other factors, discern how long you expect to lease the office space. This is crucial when determining the lease option. Will you negotiate for a longer-term agreement or will you opt for short-term lease? Think about the pros and cons of each in relation to your current business status.


Make sure that the office space you are considering will be able to address your work requirements. For instance, is the electrical supply in the building able to accommodate your daily power requirements? Are there enough power outlets or LAN connections, so you do not have to spend on rewiring or installations? Can you immediately open for business upon moving or you must do construction work first? Try to discover these limitations so you can find other options immediately. 

Environment and Amenities

This factor is particularly important if your business requires you to spend a considerable amount of time outside the office, networking, or visiting certain establishments. In that case, you must find an office space for lease San Jose that is near the places you frequently visit. Your employees will also appreciate it if the space that you’re considering is near restaurants, coffee, shops or banks, and other amenities. 

To find the right area in San Jose, you can use the services like OfficeFinder to connect with an office space tenant representative who will do the searching for you.

Added Expenses

There is more to leasing than simply paying rent. Keep in mind that the rental agreement is just one of the many expenses you should consider in your budget. Make a detailed list of any possible expenses such as moving fee, furniture cost, construction and cleaning expense, and other miscellaneous expenses to ensure that the move will not affect your company’s cash flow


Apart from the usual considerations like budget and location, be sure to think about the factors mentioned above so you can find a fitting new home where your business can grow and where your employees can work comfortably. Keep in mind that your investment is at risk if you fail to find a suitable office space.