Now, Singer Akon Has His Cryptocurrency!

The famous Senegalese-American songwriter, composer, Rapper and singer Akon who has sung famous songs like “Don’t Matter” and “I wanna love you” has now stepped into the world of crypto-trading. Yes, you heard it right! Akon has become the first singer to launch his own cryptocurrency “Akoin”. It comes as a no surprise as no matter how complicated cryptocurrencies are, but it has always been a point of attraction for common people, traders, and even celebrities. 

If you know about cryptocurrencies, you must have already understood by now that the launching of cryptocurrency is a fundraising process. So, when you purchase a cryptocurrency, you automatically turn into an investor and contribute to the underlying project like this software. You need to understand that to launch crypto; you need to have a mission for sharing.

Many celebrities have shown interest in crypto-trading but Akon has moved a step ahead and launched a cryptocurrency by his very own name “Akoin”! Sounds cool, isn’t it! 

However, like already said before Akon has a motive behind launching this cryptocurrency, and that is Lightening his home, Africa and for that, the singer also plans to build the city with his name “Akon Crypto City”, in Senegal

The aim of Akon through this project is to improve the living conditions of people in Africa and provide them with financial stability. The city of Akon will be built on a 2000-acre land that was gifted to him by President of Senegal, Macky Sall.

Recently Akon took to twitter and announced with all excitement that he has cracked the deal for Akon city. Not just that, he expects to host you all guys there in the future.

The singer had first given the hint of launching his token in 2018 at the Cannes Lions advertising festival. He said that he plans to create his city in Africa in which people would use the cryptocurrency named after him “Akoin”. The work of creating this unique crypto-based project is going on in full swing and recently the signing ceremony for the memorandum of understanding took place between the singer and the state-owned tourism company SAPCO.

“Beyond his status as an artist, Akon understands and believes in Africa”, the tourism ministry said in a statement after the ceremony. 

Akon city will be built on three square miles of land near Darkar, which is the country’s capital. This land has been gifted by the president of Senegal, Macky Sall to Akon. The singer is utilizing the gift for the betterment of the people of Africa.

It is also reported that Akon plans to build a complex on the seaside village of Mbodiene. However, it is unclear as of now whether it is part of the cryptocurrency project or is it a separate project overall.

Akon expressed that he hopes that his cryptocurrency project is the first of many cryptocurrency projects and successes. He hopes that his unique idea can bring joy and relief to the finically disturbed Africa.

However, this is not the end. Akon says that this is just the beginning and he hopes to build many similar cities in Africa, starting with Senegal. Akon further says that he is waiting to see how the plan works and if everything works out fine, there will be many more such cities in Africa and all you be interconnected making the life of entire Africa finically more stable than ever before.

It is a revolution by Akon in Africa and a good start for making cryptocurrency common among people. 

Hopefully, the project “Akoin” is going to be a good start for Africa!