Need to Move in Less than a Week? This Is How You Do It!

Moving can be a massively daunting task. If you find yourself moving at the last minute, then trust me – you’ve got yourself a whole lot of pressure, anxiety and rush mixed together. This can only ever lead to nail biting and wracked nerves.

The solution? A system that will help you pack, move and unpack in the new place, all in less than a week! From hiring a moving company, through getting the moving supplies and arranging everything with the landlord, such a mammoth job isn’t a piece of cake at all, but you’ll manage to handle it in a jiffy if only you use a tried and tested system!

Get moving supplies

First thing to think about when you decide to move are boxes (here’s a guide to getting free ones if you’re looking to save.) Lots and lots of boxes for packing all the fragile and less sensitive stuff.

Don’t forget about packing tape and marker, so you can safely seal the boxes and label them, for easier unpacking. If you’re on budget, consider running to a local grocery store or drugstore and ask for used boxes.

Plastic containers and bins can do the trick as well, if you run out of boxes at some point. However, make sure to buy more boxes than you think you need, because you can actually never have too many boxes.

Decide how you’ll move

Deciding how you’ll move is one of the most important things to think about. Transferring all your belongings from one place to another must be done efficiently and carefully, so you’ll have to look for a good moving company.

If you want to finish the move in a week, remember to call the moving company in advance, because booking requires more than a week. This is especially true during summer when it’s not as easy to find a mover as off season. If you’re moving far away it’s going to be even more difficult to hire a moving company.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, you might even consider moving the stuff by your car. What’s more, gathering all the friends and family that can help you out is another great suggestion if you don’t want to – or don’t have enough money to – hire a mover. It might take more than two times to go back and forth and transfer everything, but you’ll at least have fun with all the family and friends helping you along the way.

Hire a moving truck

When you realize it’s time to move to a new home, bear in mind that your move will go much smoother off season, so try to plan it then. You’ll come by truck rentals quite easily off season because they won’t be as booked as during the summer months. Look for a reliable and efficient truck hire and don’t worry about any breakages or lost belongings.

Post-moving tasks

Sometimes, with all the hustle and bustle, you may forget about a couple of basic citizen duties. Keep in mind that you need to cancel or transfer the current services to a new address.

Also, you’ll need to find the utilities in the new city, since you may not have the same provider there as you had in the previous place. You’ll need to call your previous landlord and inform them about the sudden move, so they have enough time to find a new tenant.

Here’s a full list of things you should look out for when moving house.

Final thoughts

Moving is not an easy process, but with a couple of handy suggestions it can be done quickly and efficiently in just a week. All you need is a good system that will help you go through the moving process lightly. Remember to pack on a load of boxes, hire a reliable moving company and even call friends and family if you don’t have time or money to hire a mover.