My Cousin’s Kick Starter Campaign!

Hello readers! My cousin is launching a line of watches inspired by the French lifestyle – Monsieur captures the essence of bold living with an eclectic taste for adventure. Check out his press release below!

Inspired by the French lifestyle, Monsieur captures the essence of bold living with an eclectic taste for adventure.

Why Monsieur

Monsieur (French pronunciation: [mə.sjø]) aka Gentlemen etches throughout our watches as we believe that every gentleman deserves to celebrate their inner self and the watch is an extension of their outlook – Simple & Bold 

It is your own signature piece – something that you wear so often that people end up identifying it with you.

How we began?

This project was birth from an idea that quality can come with a low price tag. As an avid watch collector and enthusiast, the key to owning a watch that could stand the test of time does not only rely on the materials used but also the craftsmanship of the timepiece. 

We want to create a legacy of horology through our watches as an inspiration for the next generation to evoke a sense of pride and identity through a timepiece. Each, similar but distinctively – different. A watch isn’t just about telling time, it is about your Relationship with TIME. 

timepiece is not just an accessory but also to showcase a lifestyle. Monsieur proves that high quality does not come with a high price tag. We want to focus on a lifestyle that not only boosts an individual but also a collective representation of a gentleman’s essential. 

Why wear a Monsieur timepiece? 

If it is to emit a certain emotion linked to the watch, you got it. Some of us wear it to simply tell the time, others wear it to showcase their worth. We match our wardrobe and pair accessories – a watch does that trick very well for men, to accentuate the essence of timelinessprecision, and boldness

A comparison with other watches

Kickstarter Special – ALLIAGE Series

The ALLIAGE SERIES is inspired from the distinct alloy materials that birth the GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE case that we offer. We are defining champions amongst ourselves and that through our timepieces.

ALLIAGE SERIES GOLD: Bold hands pop against a discrete matte black dial framed with stylish and modernized numerals. Artistically placed accents match the noble gold case and signed crown, both cast in brushed 316L stainless steel. The gold is further complemented by a time-honored black band crafted from genuine leather. (same write up for silver & bronze)

  • Monsieur France Co. will launch on the popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter on 1 August 2017 for a 30 day campaign until 31 August 2017 and is looking to raise S$20,000 Singapore Dollars (Approx $15,000 USD). Perks include 2 special price promotions of the “Super Early Bird” & “Early Bird” offerings of S$135 (Approx $99 USD). The ALLIAGE Series will be retailing at S$229 (AppRox $165 USD.
  • Kickstarter backers will also receive FREE INTERNATIONAL shipping worldwide.
  • Contact: Calvin Kang Direct (+65) 8511 0488
  • Website: