Misers, Gamblers, and Nesters: How Understanding Your Money Personality Can Help You Get Richer

Everyone has their own ideas and attitudes about money and how to spend it. Some people enjoy splurging, while others prefer to pinch every penny.

Understanding your money personality can help you spend more wisely and increase your savings. Here is an interesting list of the main money personalities to give you some financial insights.

Financial Personality Types

The Spender: You firmly believe that money is for spending and that’s what you enjoy doing. You often spend more than you should on impulse buying or because you are so caught up in the moment you don’t even think about how much you’re spending. You are, however, generous with your money with friends and charitable causes.

The Saver: You love nothing more than a discount or a good deal. You are an avid bargain hunter and refuse to pay the full price for anything, and you love to spend an afternoon clipping coupons. You’re so good at saving that you really don’t like to part with your money. You are also very resourceful and tend not to focus on material possessions.

The Nester: You are a great saver and your favorite investments are your home and your family. You like to drive a comfortable new car like the Chrysler 300 and you take great pride in making home improvements. You are a practical person and proud of the way you handle money.

The Entrepreneur: You thrive on taking risks with your money and more often than not they pay off hugely. You are a workaholic who loves your industry and it’s hard to get you to take time out. Business is your sole purpose in life. You use your income as a way to measure your success.

The Gambler: You think money is all about the thrill of the risk. You desire wealth and will take just about any chance to attain it. You tend to be very secretive about how you handle your money. Though you may have a lot of debt you are always optimistic about recouping your losses, even though you risk losing your shirt.

The Winger: You don’t really give money much thought at all, you just wing your way through your personal finances without paying much attention. To you, money is not a means to security, a comfortable lifestyle or security. You don’t care if you have a big savings account or a small bank balance. You often think that people think too much about money.

The Traveler: For you, money is about the experience rather than material comforts. You are proud of your anti-materialist stance and thrive on experiences like travel which allow for personal growth. You may be a career academic or have a profession which involves a lot of traveling.

Which money personality are you? Now you know, perhaps you can use it to your advantage to make more money, or see where positive changes can be made in your personal finances.