Local Wheels and Your Community: How Shopping Local Affects Everyone

You might have heard of the phrase: “I only buy local”, or “Support your local”.

Far from being the preserve of old xenophobes with a distrust of conglomerates, buying local is gaining increasing traction from people who realize the manifold benefits from buying in your local area.

Where you decide to buy your next automobile has a significant effect on the local economy. Now, it’s often a default to thin of shopping online or going south to the larger market, but you need to remember buying online has a lot of benefits. The next time you think about acquiring a new vehicle, consider doing so at a local dealership.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the big benefits buying locally has on your community.

Keep Money in the Locality

When you spend money locally, these dollars can be re-spent locally, increasing the overall economy of your community by paying more salaries and building the community’s local tax base. The re-circulation of currencies results in the improvement of economic activity, with the extent of expanse depending in the ratio of money spent locally. Additionally, when more money is spent locally, there will be a higher circulation of currencies resulting in the establishment of public infrastructures such as schools and libraries.

Keep the Community Unique

When you spend money on local business, you help keep the community alive. The local stores where you buy your automobile, the places where you eat, and the areas you go to have fun, all have the potential of making your community a home. The local businesses are an essential part of a community’s distinctive character. Areas with large outlet chains exceeding the locally-owned businesses become less homogenized and less personal, with even less product diversity.  

The advantages of a thriving local business sector are not only limited to the economic benefits. What is equally important about the independent local businesses is that they define the self-image of the community and create some sense of pride among those residing in the community where the local firms exist. On the other hand, national chain retailers can minimize a community’s element of originality and uniqueness. Today, a lot of communities have decided to take control of their economy by supporting their own local enterprises.   

More Consumer Choices

A local area with more than a hundred of businesses often breeds creativity and encourages innovation among its population. For instance, a multitude of small automotive businesses, each identifying and selecting products based not on the national sales plan but on the interest and needs of the local clients often guarantees a wider range of product choices. In an increasingly homogenized society, skilled workers, businesses, and entrepreneurs are highly-likely to invest and settle in areas which propagate the idea of preserving their distinctive character and business with varied consumer choices.


Therefore, the next time you are in the market searching for a new automobile, take the time to shop locally. Drive down the street to that local dealer near you and buy the car of your choice. Buying from a local dealership – whether you are aware of it or not – goes a long way in helping to boost the economy of your community. Rather than benefiting other cities, you’ll be putting your money back into your local community by buying a car at a local dealership. In turn, these local businesses benefit the community by creating job opportunities and building the tax base.

Can you think of any other benefits of buying locally? Share that with us in the comments below!