Increase Your Financial Freedom: Finding A New Side Gig That Pays Well

A new trend that has become popular over the last few years is that of picking up a side gig. In the past many workers were far too tired to work another job but with technology this has become a bit easier. The increased financial freedom is second to none when picking up extra income when your finances are already in great working order. Extra income can be used to pay off current loans or just reduce debt on certain credit cards. Finding a side gig is not as complicated as many would like you to think in the gig economy. Those people with valued skills can not only make extra money but can replace their current income working for themselves. The following are side gigs and how to land one of these gigs that pays well.

Writing For a Content Production Company

People who have good writing skills can earn money daily by working with a content production company. There are various companies across different industries that can be written for. The demand for quality content is quite consistent and top writers can make thousands of dollars per month. Try out a few different companies to see which one or couple pay the right rates and are good to work with. Beware of the companies that promise payment once clients have paid as this can delay payment by months. A few weeks should be all you have to wait to be paid so keep this in mind. Companies that constantly delay payment due to various unforeseen circumstances do not have the best interest of their contractors in mind.

Selling Homemade Goods or Products

The world of ecommerce is extremely competitive but a small niche product/good can have quite a market worldwide. These could be baked goods or even goods being resold from another online store. Drop shipping allows a person to set up a website, sell products, and not have to stock inventory at all. Ranking for particular keywords as a website will be important when people are searching for specific products online. Market for your small ecommerce site as ranking on the first page for a main product sold can set the side gig up for long term success.

Flatbed Trucking

Finding a great trucking job can allow a person to supplement their income without worrying about a manager constantly looking over their shoulder. The right companies are willing to create a route that works with your schedule. Those drivers that are reliable and consistently on time will be given the better routes as the company knows they can count on a specific driver. For those drivers that own their truck this can be even more profitable as you will earn more per hour or per mile. Those people with extra time during the week or on weekends can pick up a few routes to help increase their monthly earnings without a huge change in lifestyle.

Create An Online Course

Online learning and education is booming regardless of the lesson that needs to be taught. A successful freelancer could create a course about how to make money from home. A mechanic could make money teaching people how to check if their oil needs to be changed. Regardless of what needs to be learned in the course creating a course that allows a person with zero experience to learn something new is valuable. These online courses can be done via video or can be written. Make sure there are testing modules so those utilizing the course can make sure they understand what is being taught. Everyone is an expert in a specific area whether they know it or not, it is time to start earning from teaching people what you know!


The trucking jobs mentioned above could require a commercial driving license while ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber just require a clean driving record. The most important thing that can be done by a driver on one of these apps is to record mileage for tax purposes. This will allow the driver to see how much money they really made and pay taxes accordingly. The costs for gas as well as depreciation of the car can be taken into account but it needs to be tracked. There are plenty of apps that can help track expenses so a driver is not paying more in taxes than they actually earned.

The side gig is an economy that is going to continue to grow as the opportunities multiply. All people want extra money each month, they are just looking for the right fit with their lifestyle.