How to Save Money and Enjoy Yourself this Summer

Although it is a time period often determined by the changeable weather, enjoying the summer should not be influenced by how much money you’ve got in your pocket. But what happens when money becomes a real cause for concern?

A lack of funds might stop you from booking a luxury holiday or a ticket to the world’s biggest festival, but spending shed loads of money does not automatically equal the greatest kind of summer fun! From daytrips to cheap nights out, there are still ways you can enjoy yourself – and indeed, lots of frugal activities you’ll be able to take advantage of instead.

With this in mind, here are a few ideas for what to do during the months to come…

Head to the Capital

If you missed out on a visit to London during last year’s epic, sport filled summer: now could be the perfect time to make up for it. Even better, with less tourists and therefore slightly less mark-up costs, you might find that there are even more bargains about than usual. It’s always worthwhile looking online for days out and attractions, and with companies like Virgin Experience Days offering London-based trips like Thames cruises and Shard experiences with 18% off, now’s the time to book!

Get on your bike

You might be totally broke, but if there is one thing a lack of money cannot stop you from enjoying, it’s the great outdoors. To beat boredom, budgeting blues or if you just fancy a bit of fresh air fun, dig out your old bike and head out on a few rides this summer. If you don’t have an old one knocking about, try buying second-hand instead; they are commonly available on sites like eBay or even at local markets or boot-sales.

Head to the coast

Are you longing for some sand between your toes? It might not be the same as a week on the Costa del Sol, but with some of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe, a beach trip in the UK could prove to be just as enjoyable. Depending on where you live there are loads to choose from; whether it’s Brighton in the south, Leigh-on-Sea to the east, or Devon and Cornwall towards the south-west – you won’t have far to travel in order to breathe in a bit of fresh sea air.

Try a new hobby

If the aforementioned bike riding sounds a bit predictable to you, why not choose something you’ve never tried before but always wanted to? Not only will it take your mind off all those work colleagues sunning themselves in faraway climes, but it could be prove to be a really revitalising experience. From learning how to play the guitar to cooking lessons or baking, you could have a whole new repertoire by the time autumn arrives.

Head to the country

If you can’t afford a trip abroad this summer, you might find yourself going a little stir-crazy at home. But it’s healthy to get away – giving you time to relax and recharge – so even just a weekend here or there is likely to be really beneficial. Why not head to the country and go camping? If you decide to rent a cabin or caravan, it’s well worth looking on discount websites for money saving deals. But even if you choose to sleep under the stars, without having to worry about the cost of accommodation and expensive meals out, you’ll really be able to get back to basics and let go of all that work-related stress.

However you plan on spending the summer season, don’t focus on what you can’t do – instead, look forward to the wealth of enjoyable opportunities available! Happy summer!

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