How To Get Out of the Closet Rut

I tend to do a lot of shopping when the seasons change. This is when things get out of control: I attack malls, one store after another, trying to find that perfect outfit, that one top that will change me forever. Months later, when fall turns into winter, I re-evaluate my wardrobe, ultimately ending up with donation bags stuffed with outfits that were supposed to be impeccable.

Spring of 2012 started with no exception. Last Saturday I methodically examined my current tops and skirts, shoes and handbags. The conclusion, that I achieved after this thorough evaluation, was gloomy.

Ever had that mundane and nagging feeling that you have absolutely nothing to wear even though you have plenty?

I am a strong believer that material things do not define us. However, I have to admit that I do like to define myself with clothes. I call it “styling up.”

Although I love shopping and if I could I would live in a mall, I am a reasonable person who understands that I don’t need to update my closet every season. I have plenty to work with as it is. I can try to retrain myself to spend and consume intelligibly. Right? RIGHT?

My Retraining Course 

De-clutter (again)

Every season I go through my clothes and shoes, and weed out everything that I did not wear for a long time. I put everything in two piles:

WTF was I thinking pile


I am such a fashionista pile.

This time around, when I was done with cleaning, organizing and re-arranging my clothes, I was able to see clearly what I have and what was overlooked and forgotten.

From there I moved on to…

Creating My Work Uniform

No, not a girl scout uniform, but something that is my staple, something that I wear most of the time, something that makes me feel comfortable and stylish. We all have those outfits. We just need to find them in our closets

At this point I was ready to…

Go Back To Basics

Basics are classy. Basics are elegant. Most importantly, basics are simple. My basics are pencil skirts and nice-fitting black or dark grey slacks.

However, I have to admit that basics can be boring. That’s why I should re-train myself to…

Read Fashion Magazines Intelligibly

I don’t know about you, but fashion magazines compel me to spend. I flip through glossy pages, and a familiar craving for novelty, trendy clothes, and bright colors builds up inside me. For a very long time I could not resist it.

However, I decided that if I want to claim myself to be an intelligent consumer, I should read between the lines, and not take anything too seriously.

Now I am trying to look at any fashion magazines (Pinterest as well) as a teaching tool, a showcase on how to experiment with what I already have in my closet. I am determined to try different pairings of my clothes each week. I am going to fold. I am going to layer. I am going to create!

What do you do to get out of your closet rut?

15 thoughts on “How To Get Out of the Closet Rut”

    1. I never tried to sell any of my clothes. Some of my friends do suggest me I try putting them on Ebay. It feels good donating though.

  1. I go through my closet and organize/clean it, because usually I throw stuff back in there and it turns into a huge mess! I take out clothes that I am unsure of or that I never wear, and toss them in a pile. I organize stuff by type – long sleeve, tank tops, short sleeve, formal, informal, jeans, shorts, workout, etc. At that point I do another sweep of donation/sell pile.

  2. I am, for the first time in quite some time, very happy with my wardrobe. Obviously, there are always things that I want (lol), but lately I’ve not looked in my closet and though that I don’t have anything to wear. So that’s progress.

    1. I feel jealous. I wonder if I ever will be completely happy with mine. There is always something I want.

  3. My “I am such a fashionista” pile would have absolutely nothing in it! My piles would be “too ugly” “workout clothes ARE work clothes” and “not sure where I’d wear this but I’m keeping it”

    1. My friend is a personal trainer. His work wardrobe is his working out clothes. I call it a uniform. 🙂

  4. What’s up with the WTF pile? I don’t have one of those anymore, but my last closet clean-out had a bunch of items that never got worn…and I don’t even know why they were purchased. I’ve started being more creative with my clothes as well, because I’ve had to! For example, I have a maternity top that’s really cute. Instead of thinking about it in the way that I used to; ew, I can’t wear maternity unless I’m PREGNANT! I now think about it as such; this top is super cute if I cinch the waist and put leggings under. Adorbs! I just wore it last week and no one in their right mind would have thought I was pregnant or wearing a maternity top…unless of course they owned the shirt themselves! And even then, they’re just jealous they didn’t think of it! 😉

    1. Creativity is good. I need to be more creative actually. Sometimes I feel I am missing something in my style. Oh well… It is always something that I don’t like, and it gives me an excuse to go shopping.
      WTF pile goes to donations. I don’t store anything I didn’t wear for a looong time.

  5. I’m still in the process of working off a few extra winter pounds. But in a couple weeks, I’m looking forward to updating my spring wardrobe. I didn’t buy many new items for myself last year around this time. I think I’ll focus my energies on shoes and accessories. I also plan on checking out Pinterest for some outfit ideas.

    1. I am torn apart: I want to update my wardrobe but I don’t really need it. So I am between my wants and needs. 🙂

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