How To Be Party Ready This Summer?

Winters can be dark and dreary and hence people wait for summer season for its vibrant colours. Discounting the fact that the weather can be harsh, summer is an awaited time of the year as fashion is at its peak. All the amazing dresses that see the inside of your cupboard for the entire winter season finally get a chance to be worn and flaunted. As we speak about dressing, an article on daily mail suggests that your dressing sense can make your age appear more or less depending on what you choose to wear and how you carry it. So as we talk about the importance of dressing; and even though dressing for summer is pretty easy as compared to other seasons, here we bring to you a few tips and tricks that will ensure that you are well dressed. After all, summer time is the time for partying, socialising and exploring all the hidden places that you wish to see. So why not wear your absolute best?

First things first

When you decide to shop, the first things that you must know are your body measurements and your body structure or shape as we call them. Even though a lot of stores have trial rooms, there are many stores which do not offer a trial room and knowing your size in advance assists in shopping better. Additionally, knowing your size is also helpful in shopping online and also saves time while shopping offline. Knowledge of body shape ensures that the dress you choose to wear flaunts your curves in all the right places making you appear more attractive. For instance, someone with an apple shaped body may go for V-neck dresses with sleeves as it will divert attention away from shoulders.

Smart shopping

Smart shopping essentially means identifying your summer needs in advance and planning your shopping list accordingly. If you know that you have a formal function or an office party as well as a baby shower or any wedding to attend, you might purchase a dress which you can wear at both the occasions. While spending on a dress, think on how many occasions you are going to wear it. If not many, then is it worth spending a lot of money on that dress no matter how pretty it is? Look for alternate options and sales wherein you can get good dresses at cheaper prices. You can also use MandM Direct Discount Codes for buying elegant dresses at discounted rates.

Multiple options

While buying dresses, always check online websites and read their return policies. Usually, a lot of websites offer 100% return within a week or 10 days of purchase as shoppers face size issues. You can choose one or two websites from where you shop dedicatedly. This way you can order 2 or 3 dresses, check which fits you the best, keep that and return the rest. Obviously, you may get some discount if you shop a lot and if you do like all the dresses, you can keep them all.

Comfort factor

Remember, it is the summer season and even though you may want to buy a very thick dress, think before you buy. How comfortable will you be wearing that dress? The aim of buying a dress is to look gorgeous, no doubt, but it is also to be extremely comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Buy dresses that will accentuate the things you like about your body. If you want to flaunt your legs, buy a slit dress that is long. If you want to dance all night, buy a loose dress. Purchase clothes made of natural fabric as they are light and breathable.


Dressing for a party not only includes your dress but also your accessories. For summer parties, it is easier to accessorise as even if you don’t bother a lot with your accessories, it is fine. Your shoes and bag are pretty much all the accessories that you need. Look for shoes that are comfortable. Don’t opt for kitten heels. Instead, try wedges or flats depending on your height.


Yes, this is another favourite of all the lovely ladies out there. While slight make-up is essential, do not over do it. The two things you must absolutely apply are sunscreen and a moisturiser. Besides that, you could maybe use a bronzer or a concealer to even out the tan from beach parties. Anything more than this and it will start to look too much. Beware as make-up tends to melt in summer and you don’t want to end up looking like someone who doesn’t know how to apply their make-up.


The last but not the least on this list is your hair. Even if your dress is worth £1000 but if you haven’t styled your hair properly, chances are you are going to look as if you have come straight out of your bed. No, we are not saying that you must do a complicated hair style, but it must at least look neat and tidy. If you have long hair and you might want to show it off, but it is better to tie at least a ponytail as your hair is bound to get wet by sweat and look bad if you leave it open for long.

Follow the above tips and look party ready even in the most casual dresses you own. The aim of a party is to enjoy and have fun and look ravishing all at once.